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13 DiningIn Restaurant Partners To Celebrate The Holidays With

Empire, Boston, New Year's Eve

As much as people want to spend the holidays with their family, friends and neighbors, it's safe to say that a growing population of people doesn't want anything to do with the cooking, cleaning and planning associated with hosting a holiday get-together. Thus, we've compiled a list of our restaurant partners in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia to inform you of the best places in those cities where you can eat, drink and genuinely be merry on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve!



DiningIn Staff Picks: Best Veggie Burger Delivery

Doc B's, veggie burger delivery, Chicago food

In the world that we live in, there are a variety of different uses for veggie burgers. Popular restaurants oftentimes add them to their menus so that vegetarians can feel included while their carnivorous friends are chomping down beef burgers to the left and right of them, carnivores themselves can use them as a dietary aid when they’re on a strict diet without the freedom to eat cheeseburgers, and, genuinely, great chefs work to build delicious veggie burgers to defy their customers’ expectations.

Featured Boston Restaurant: Sweet Cupcakes

Cappuccino cupcake, Sweet Cupcakes, Boston

Sometimes, the sweetest things in life are the simplest things. This is true for cupcakes everywhere, as they are all generally sugary concoctions that are best enjoyed after you’ve already taken in your vitamins and nutrients for the day, and Boston and Cambridge’s Sweet Cupcakes lives up to its name in more ways than one.

Sweet Cupcakes’ cupcakes are literally sweet to the point of perfection - from the creamy, rich frosting to the moist and sweetened cupcake itself. Figuratively, they’re also pretty ‘sweet’ as well – the cupcakes are decorated all pretty and they’re the perfect size to indulge in without feeling all that guilty about it.

The Best Game Day Foods (And Where To Get Them Delivered From)

Best game day foods, ribs, Joes American

The four-week stretch between the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November may very well be the best period of the entire year for sports fans. Think about it: the MLB hosts its annual World Series, the NFL and college football are in the heat of their seasons, the NHL’s a month into the season, and the NBA and college basketball are just starting out. Needless to say, it’s a great time for game day foods.


Never mind great time for game day foods, it’s the BEST time for game day foods! Whether you’re tailgating at Gillette Stadium in New England, at the Darrell K Royal Stadium in Austin, TX, or in the comfort of your own living room watching the Chicago Bulls on a Tuesday night, there are always certain foods that both make the big game that much better and that much more entertaining. Thus, we’ve collectively come up with a list of the best game day foods for 2014, and we’ve even paired up a few of our favorite restaurants for you to get them delivered from in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia!


Joe's American Bar & Grill, Boston - Two pounds of ribs served with french fries and coleslaw? It doesn't get more American than this. If you can look at the picture of these ribs to the left and not drool, kudos. 

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen, Chicago - You don't know the definition of "Fall-off-the-bone" ribs until you try those from Chicago's Doc B's. (Seriously.) 

Peggy Sue’s BBQ, Dallas - Dallas knows BBQ, as does Peggy Sue's, whose ribs are a must for anyone watching the Cowboys or college football. 

Market Bar-B-Que, Minneapolis - Why did Jay Leno venture up to the Twin Cities? To eat ribs from Market Bar-B-Que is why. Just like he made his way up to Minnesota, we'll venture to your abode to deliver the ribs to you. 

Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Philadelphia - If you're watching a sporting event with friends, we recommend getting your ribs delivered in Philly from Dickey's by the pound. 

Check out our other BBQ delivery options in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, & Philly!


El Pelon Taqueria, Boston - Pork, steak, chicken, vegetarian... Whatever quesadilla format you're craving, Boston's El Pelon Taqueria has you covered.

Cactus Bar & Grill, Chicago - Don't be scared of Cactus' Death Valley Quesadilla: it's served with ranch, and it's quite tasty. 

DiningIn Now Delivers Chick-fil-A in Chicago and Dallas

Chick fil A delivery

In case you missed it, the chicken sandwich giant Chick-fil-A now delivers throughout areas of Chicago and Dallas via

Celebrate National Greasy Foods Day With These 10 Belt-Breakers

Jake Melnicks chicken wings National Greasy Foods Day

A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that October 25th has been labeled “National Greasy Foods Day” (perhaps it’s just an Internet thing…), but we don’t see any potential hurt in reminding you that this food holiday does in fact exist because, if you didn’t know, greasy foods and food delivery go together like locks and keys. So, being your greasy food delivery experts, we’re here to enlighten you of ten belt breakers-that are worth indulging in on National Greasy Foods Day – two from Boston, two from Chicago, two from Dallas, two from Minneapolis and two from Philadelphia!

1. Fried Chicken Fingers Plate – The Coast Café, Boston 

Who said that the city of Boston couldn’t serve delicious, authentic, southern fried food? Whoever did was not aware of the existence of The Coast Café right across the Charles River just outside of Cambridge’s Central Square. The Coast Café serves some of Boston’s best comfort food, and the place to start there – undoubtedly – is the fried chicken. For me, I indulge in the Fried Chicken Fingers Plate if I don’t have any responsibilities the rest of the day and can nod off on the couch in the middle of a weekend afternoon with no worries. That’s the whole point of comfort food – to make you feel comfortable.

Now Delivering in Boston: Stephi's on Tremont, Pinkberry, BurgerFi, and More!

stephis on tremont boston delivery

From Stephi's on Tremont to Griddler's Burgers & Dogs, these are some of Boston's most popular restaurants now available for delivery in Boston and Greater Boston. For details and delivery areas visit

Stephi's on Tremont

See South End Delivery / Boston Delivery Menu

About Stephi's on Tremont

Sister restaurant of Stephanie's on Newbury, this South End spot has become a brunch favorite in the area serving classic American'sophisticated comfort food'.  Owned by respected Boston chef and successful businesswoman Stephanie Sokolove, it's no surprise that Stephi's on Tremont is frequently praised by local fans, out-of-town visiting customers, and noteworthy restaurant review websites including Zagat.

Visit Stephi's on Tremont official website

Featured Chicago Restaurant: Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Doc Bs Fresh Kitchen

“We cook for people who appreciate a great meal prepared by great people. An extension of your own kitchen -- it’s who we are.”

Staff Picks: I Scream, You Scream, DiningIn Delivers Ice Cream

JP Licks, Boston ice cream delivery, restaurant delivery

Indulging in a fat bowl of ice cream during the hot summertime is one of the best (albeit unhealthiest) and most enjoyable things you can do – bar none. Just like downing a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and the wintertime, the temperature contrast that comes while eating ice cream in the summer is refreshing while the former is relaxing. Simply put, when the heat comes, there really isn’t any better way to cool down – whether you’re a diehard fan of plain old vanilla and/or chocolate ice cream, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, root beer floats, or whatever other type of ice cream concoction floats your boat.

Being food delivery experts, our DiningIn employees undoubtedly know the best places to get ice cream, frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt, frozen custard and more delivered from throughout the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia areas. Some of the restaurants are chains, some are homemade mom-and-pop ice cream shops, and others are more health-conscious than some, but they’re all pretty much equally delicious in their own very special way.

The Perfect Italian Family Dinner Night

Italian family dinner, The Sopranos

Family dinner night isn’t always easy to plan – that’s certainly a fact that can’t be disputed. Little Suzie might complain that there’s no dessert with the meal; young Stevie most likely doesn’t want to eat his broccoli; mom and dad might bicker over whether or not mashed potatoes are a legitimate serving of vegetables or whether or not there is any nutritional value to Sunny Delight.

To anyone who’s been forced to plan and/or take part in family dinner nights in the past, these disagreements are aplenty. If you mix those disagreements in with the fact that Italian food is – by far – of the most emotional cuisines you can indulge in, things can start to get really complicated really fast. This is why we want to help you (being restaurant and delivery experts) have the perfect Italian family dinner night, whether you’re looking to do all of the cooking and cleaning yourself or if you’re just looking to have us deliver you the food you crave from the Italian restaurants you love.

Appetizers: Always Try To Go Cold

The whole idea of eating appetizers is to indulge in them in order to stimulate your appetite for the main course. For this reason, despite how great Fried Calamari, Clams Casino and Stuffed Mushrooms are, it’s always better to go for cold appetizers than to go for warm ones. Cold appetizers increase your appetite more, while hot appetizers can bog you and your appetite down and – if they’re too hot – they can entirely slow your digestion process, which has the potential to make you pretty much physically useless after dinner.

One of my favorite cold appetizer options is Chilled Lobster with sides of fresh lemon and cocktail sauce. Of course, fresh lobster is something of a delicacy, and can be a little on the expensive side, but if you’re a seafood lover and it’s within your budget, it’s totally worth it. The only downside is that there’s a small chance that the Chilled Lobster dish might be the most delicious thing you eat during the entire meal (I don’t see anything wrong with that!). If lobster’s out of the question, here’s a cold, reliable, delicious recipe for a Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella Salad from Maggiano’s Little Italy’s blog – The Chef’s Table.

Bruschetta, though served half hot, half cold, is also a solid appetizer option to kick off your family Italian dinner with a bang. If all else fails, serve a cold antipasto – garnished with pickled vegetables and fresh cold cuts – to kick off your Italian feast.

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