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DiningIn Staff Picks | Romantic Food Delivery For Valentine's Day

The Fireplace, romantic restaurant delivery, Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the procrastinator’s delight. Whether you’re the guy or girl that waited until after work on February 14th to go to your local CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens to get a Valentine’s Day card from a shelf of Valentine’s Day cards that had already been sifted through and sneezed on and disorganized thoroughly, the one that hates the holiday because it reminds you of a relationship that lead to you cruising the boulevards of regret for some time, or the one that spent an entire paycheck at a jewelry store on someone you’ve been intimately involved with for a matter of weeks, the day really can be stressful from any and every angle.

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We’ve got an idea to make it less stressful, though: DON’T GO OUT TO EAT – GET DININGIN DELIVERED! I know what you’re thinking – of course us guys over at DiningIn are trying ever so hard to get you to order food from us on Valentine’s Day instead of making a reservation at your favorite local romantic restaurant. Well, suit yourselves!

Matt A, Boston Marketing Analyst – Although The Fireplace in Brookline’s Washington Square would undoubtedly be one of the – if not THE – perfect places to spend Valentine’s Day to indulge in culinary deliciousness (and to sit by their warm and inviting signature fireplace) throughout all of greater Boston, it’s also a great place to get food delivered from for Valentine’s Day, too, around the Allston-Brighton-Brookline areas. Whether you’re looking to pick at a bunch of dishes (I would recommend some combination of the meats and cheeses in their New England Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie to start off your meal), a hearty entrée like the Dry Aged Rib Eye or the Braised Beef Short Ribs, or one (or two or three) of The Fireplace’s especially delicious famous desserts (all of them are too good to be true), The Fireplace offers a wide variety of tasty dishes to put a perfect finishing touch on your romantic evening.

Best Food Delivery For The Super Bowl


The big game is less than a week away - and it's the East Coast vs. The West Coast. In honor of the #DeflateGate controversy, expect us to be deflating delivery fees throughout the weekend, but first let's go over what restaurants deliver the perfect food for you to enjoy during the Super Bowl.

8 Remarkable Salads That Will Fill You Up In 2015

salads delivery, best salads, salad recommendations, best salad restaurants. best salads for lunch, salads for lunch

Two weeks into 2015, it's more than likely that about 30% of Americans with healthy-eating, get-into-shape goals feel their New Year's resolution slowly going down the drain.  It's things like making unrealistic weight or fitness goals, lacking the overall confidence, and forgetting that it take 21 days to make a habit, that make these resolutions hard to carry out past the first couple of weeks.

Featured Dallas Restaurant: The Latin Pig | Cuban Cuisine & Bakery

the latin pig dallas delivery

In Plano, Texas, right in the middle of Tex-Mex/Mexican food and Barbecue food heaven, is a delightful taste of Havana, The Latin Pig Cuban Cuisine & Bakery, serving up homemade staples of the traditional Cuban kitchen including Vaca Frita (Pan-fried shredded brisket and onions smothered in mojito sauce), signature dish Lechón (Cuban-style slow roasted pork), and your typical delicious starters for sharing like the Fritanga (Fried platter composed of 5 meats served with fried yucca, tostones, and maduros, which serves 2-4).


Predictions Are In: The Top 12 Food Trends of 2015

top food trends of 2015

This year saw a memorable influx of food trends coming and going including new Jewish deli cuisine, alcohol-infused cupcakes, ancient grains (eg. quinoa, spelt), coconut water, and Mediterranean cuisine, that have, without a doubt, inspired us to try something new. 

13 DiningIn Restaurant Partners To Celebrate The Holidays With

Empire, Boston, New Year's Eve

As much as people want to spend the holidays with their family, friends and neighbors, it's safe to say that a growing population of people doesn't want anything to do with the cooking, cleaning and planning associated with hosting a holiday get-together. Thus, we've compiled a list of our restaurant partners in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia to inform you of the best places in those cities where you can eat, drink and genuinely be merry on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve!



DiningIn Staff Picks: Best Veggie Burger Delivery

Doc B's, veggie burger delivery, Chicago food

In the world that we live in, there are a variety of different uses for veggie burgers. Popular restaurants oftentimes add them to their menus so that vegetarians can feel included while their carnivorous friends are chomping down beef burgers to the left and right of them, carnivores themselves can use them as a dietary aid when they’re on a strict diet without the freedom to eat cheeseburgers, and, genuinely, great chefs work to build delicious veggie burgers to defy their customers’ expectations.

Featured Boston Restaurant: Sweet Cupcakes

Cappuccino cupcake, Sweet Cupcakes, Boston

Sometimes, the sweetest things in life are the simplest things. This is true for cupcakes everywhere, as they are all generally sugary concoctions that are best enjoyed after you’ve already taken in your vitamins and nutrients for the day, and Boston and Cambridge’s Sweet Cupcakes lives up to its name in more ways than one.

Sweet Cupcakes’ cupcakes are literally sweet to the point of perfection - from the creamy, rich frosting to the moist and sweetened cupcake itself. Figuratively, they’re also pretty ‘sweet’ as well – the cupcakes are decorated all pretty and they’re the perfect size to indulge in without feeling all that guilty about it.

The Best Game Day Foods (And Where To Get Them Delivered From)

Best game day foods, ribs, Joes American

The four-week stretch between the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November may very well be the best period of the entire year for sports fans. Think about it: the MLB hosts its annual World Series, the NFL and college football are in the heat of their seasons, the NHL’s a month into the season, and the NBA and college basketball are just starting out. Needless to say, it’s a great time for game day foods.


Never mind great time for game day foods, it’s the BEST time for game day foods! Whether you’re tailgating at Gillette Stadium in New England, at the Darrell K Royal Stadium in Austin, TX, or in the comfort of your own living room watching the Chicago Bulls on a Tuesday night, there are always certain foods that both make the big game that much better and that much more entertaining. Thus, we’ve collectively come up with a list of the best game day foods for 2014, and we’ve even paired up a few of our favorite restaurants for you to get them delivered from in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia!


Joe's American Bar & Grill, Boston - Two pounds of ribs served with french fries and coleslaw? It doesn't get more American than this. If you can look at the picture of these ribs to the left and not drool, kudos. 

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen, Chicago - You don't know the definition of "Fall-off-the-bone" ribs until you try those from Chicago's Doc B's. (Seriously.) 

Peggy Sue’s BBQ, Dallas - Dallas knows BBQ, as does Peggy Sue's, whose ribs are a must for anyone watching the Cowboys or college football. 

Market Bar-B-Que, Minneapolis - Why did Jay Leno venture up to the Twin Cities? To eat ribs from Market Bar-B-Que is why. Just like he made his way up to Minnesota, we'll venture to your abode to deliver the ribs to you. 

Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Philadelphia - If you're watching a sporting event with friends, we recommend getting your ribs delivered in Philly from Dickey's by the pound. 

Check out our other BBQ delivery options in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, & Philly!


El Pelon Taqueria, Boston - Pork, steak, chicken, vegetarian... Whatever quesadilla format you're craving, Boston's El Pelon Taqueria has you covered.

Cactus Bar & Grill, Chicago - Don't be scared of Cactus' Death Valley Quesadilla: it's served with ranch, and it's quite tasty. 

DiningIn Now Delivers Chick-fil-A in Chicago and Dallas

Chick fil A delivery

In case you missed it, the chicken sandwich giant Chick-fil-A now delivers throughout areas of Chicago and Dallas via

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