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Collection of dishes from premier restaurants of the DiningIn restaurant network.

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Staff Picks: Cookout Food Without The Cooking

Carson's Ribs DiningIn

There's a point in life that everyone reaches where they want to grill outside, but some may come to the sad realization that they are entirely incapable of doing so. Perhaps it's because it's snowy outside; maybe they live in a city where it's too congested to own a grill; sometimes they are way too busy to actually host a cookout or to cook cookout food. 

This is where DiningIn can help you all out!  

With our first Staff Picks blog post, we want to ensure our patrons in each of our beloved cities that if you want cookout food, you’re entirely capable of getting that desired delectable fare without doing any cooking (or leaving the house for that matter) by providing our valued customers with a variety of options. Cookouts have never been so easy - maybe call it a cook-in

Matt A, Copywriter - You really can't go wrong with a New York Strip Steak or a Signature Burger from Joe's American Bar & Grill in Boston. Whether it's from their Back Bay, Waterfront or Woburn location, you'll be delivered juicy, seared-to-perfection pieces of beef. To make it a truly authentic cookout experience, order sides of Corn on the Cob and Creamy Cole Slaw with your entrée.

How to Grill like a Pro

How to Grill like a Pro

With Memorial Day weekend almost here and summer getting closer and closer, Americans are getting ready to fire up the grill.  While you can always eat out or order delivery, there's something special about buying food, and preparing it yourself alongside friends and family.

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Featured Dallas Restaurant: Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewery

Humperdink's Restaurant
Yes, the name's real. Is there any way you could better name a restaurant and brewery that serves burgers, pizza, tacos, salmon, and even Fried Catfish and Chicken & Waffles? Maybe, but whatever name you come up with couldn’t possibly be as fun as Humperdinks'. 
For those of you that have eaten at or ordered from Humperdinks before, you know the deal. You’ll typically spend up to a 1/2 hour deliberating with yourself about what you should order. Should I get a burger? A pizza? Maybe I’ll just order a salad, or just go barbarian and order 3-4 appetizers and live off those.

Whatever you choose, and whatever you don’t choose that you’ll surely go back for more of, you’ll be satisfied from top to bottom by Humperdinks. And whether or not you’re going in strictly for a light meal or if you’re going in for a four-course feast fit for a king, the best place to start on the menu is with the appetizers. They have many of your favorite classic appetizers, including Potato Skins, Nachos Deluxe, Mozzarella Sticks, Hot Wings and Loaded Cheese Fries - but the list does not even come close to stopping there.

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