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Collection of dishes from premier restaurants of the DiningIn restaurant network.

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May Is National Burger Month: 25 Tasty Burgers Delivered By DiningIn

Davio's Burger

The month of May has been issued the designation of "National Burger Month" - which I wasn’t aware of until just this year, but this issuance certainly gives all of us burger lovers a reason to indulge in gourmet ground beef patties with a variety of oftentimes inventive and oftentimes classical toppings. Zagat recently published a list of the ten best burgers you can get delivered in Philadelphia (all of which you can get delivered by us!), so I figured – in the spirit of Zagat – that I’d tell you guys about the best burgers that we deliver in each of our cities - Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis & Philly.


Met Burger BarMet Back Bay, Boston

Featured Boston Restaurant: The Fireplace

The Fireplace Brookline

A relaxing ambiance is a tough thing to come upon in the big city – and that is a good part of the reason why restaurant lovers flock down Beacon St. all the short way from Boston to Brookline to go to The Fireplace. There, you’ll find a comfortable restaurant amidst a laid back Washington Square atmosphere, with separate lunch and dinner menus stuffed with utterly fresh cuisines made of concoctions you’d never imagine.

Much of the experience at The Fireplace lies in delving into their seasonal tastes, but you can’t go wrong with their year-round menu items, either. Their burger is well-known and critically acclaimed – The Fireplace Burger – and it is one that will truly make you understand the point of savoring the flavor of what is essentially a cheeseburger, albeit a gourmet one (they DO compete in Boston Magazine's Battle of the Burger every year). The description of the burger is as follows:

Featured Chicago Restaurant: Wildfire


Steaks, Chops & Seafood.

That’s what Wildfire in Chicago serves because that’s what they’re great at. 

Executive Chef Joe Decker loves food so much that he maintains a blog within Wildfire’s website that contains recipes, cooking tips, and upcoming food news and events. Wildfire’s Wine & Spirits Director, Brad Wermager, maintains a blog as well called Wine Buzz, where he offers wine tasting tips and wine worthy news. Eddie Ishaq, the Executive Chef of the Tyson, Virginia location, also operates a blog titled Good Eats.  Truth be told, the owners, operators and chefs of Wildfire like to eat good, and that’s why their restaurant is so good – and that’s exactly why DiningIn is so ecstatic to be partnered with them at their Chicago location.

Featured Dallas Restaurant: Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewery

Humperdink's Restaurant
Yes, the name's real. Is there any way you could better name a restaurant and brewery that serves burgers, pizza, tacos, salmon, and even Fried Catfish and Chicken & Waffles? Maybe, but whatever name you come up with couldn’t possibly be as fun as Humperdinks'. 
For those of you that have eaten at or ordered from Humperdinks before, you know the deal. You’ll typically spend up to a 1/2 hour deliberating with yourself about what you should order. Should I get a burger? A pizza? Maybe I’ll just order a salad, or just go barbarian and order 3-4 appetizers and live off those.

Whatever you choose, and whatever you don’t choose that you’ll surely go back for more of, you’ll be satisfied from top to bottom by Humperdinks. And whether or not you’re going in strictly for a light meal or if you’re going in for a four-course feast fit for a king, the best place to start on the menu is with the appetizers. They have many of your favorite classic appetizers, including Potato Skins, Nachos Deluxe, Mozzarella Sticks, Hot Wings and Loaded Cheese Fries - but the list does not even come close to stopping there.

The History Of The Burger

Etno Village Grill, burger, Chicago

The burger seems to be firmly embedded in American culture permanently. It’s like every living restaurateur is deeply lodged in an incessant competition against other burger connoisseurs to see who actually makes the best burger. Just in Boston alone, every day I seem to see a new place that claims to serve “Boston’s Best Burger.”

But what is it with this preposterously negative stigma currently floating around claiming that burgers are primarily a form of “fast food?” Yeah, you can cook ‘em quick, and if you have a big enough mouth (or a small enough burger) you can eat ‘em quick, but whatever happened to savoring the flavor? Can’t a burger be as flavorful as any other piece of meat – more than just another form of mass to fill the never-ending, bottomless pit that is the human stomach?

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