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How You Can Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day With DiningIn


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. For many, this is the perfect day to spoil their loved ones with soon-to-be useless jewelry and unadulterated fattening chocolates. These gifts are unmistakably cliché ways to overindulge your better halves, but if you want to get on the good side of your loved ones, spoil them with fresh, delicious cooked food.

There’s only one major problem: A lot of people don’t know the first thing about cooking. If you’re one of these people, well, today is your lucky day! This is where us folks here at DiningIn can totally help you have a lusciously romantic and dreamy Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know how to cook, you can just order from us here at DiningIn and pretend you cooked it!

Imagine that… You’re a master chef and your feme covert had no idea! Here’s a fair warning, though, before you get yourself into this: Don’t order a pizza or sushi from us and then come back all mad and upset when your loved one doesn’t actually believe that you cooked it. You need to order STRATEGICALLY. Think of things that are actually believable…

...Like steak! We work with PLENTY of steakhouses, like Wildfire in Chicago, BJ’s Brewhouse in Dallas, Joe’s American Bar & Grill in Boston or Butcher And Singer in Philadelphia. It’s easy to fake cooking a steak – trust me.

How about some Italian food? It’s certainly not as easy to fake as steak, but if that’s what you think will bring back the spark, we can certainly help you in this department as well. DiningIn delivers for Maggiano’s in each of the four cities we work in, and there are plenty of other Italian cuisine options within each city as well. 

Craving seafood? If you’re in Boston, try The Daily Catch. For our friends in Dallas, Saltwater Willy’s is one of the many options you have. If you’re in Philadelphia and you’re trying to be über-sensual and romantic, get some oysters from Snockey’s Oyster & Crab House. Lastly, in Chicago, Joe’s Stone Crab is the place to go for seafood.

We've got you covered in the dessert department as well - don't worry. Our Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia markets all offer a variety of dessert options to fix your sweet tooth. 

See how easy it is to be a fake chef? It’s so easy that a well-trained monkey could do it! However, by pretend-cooking, you run the risk of getting caught, but always remember: There’s no reward without a risk, but it's also a risk-reward play. If you don’t want to get caught, keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Make sure that the food is delivered WHILE YOUR LOVED ONE IS NOT HOME!

If they see the deliveryman at the door, you’re screwed - probably forever. 

2. Put “fake” dirty dishes in the sink.

You don’t have to dirty them up – just fill the pan with water and soap and it will look like you already cleaned it (potential for extra bonus points)!

3. Presentation is key.

Make sure you place the food on some sexy plates so that it looks fresh. Don’t just flop your steak on there - use a spatula. If you're faking cooking pasta, throw some freshly grated cheese on top - BAM

4. Dispose of ALL evidence!

New “30 Rock” Inspired Flavor from Ben & Jerry’s: Liz Lemon

Ben and Jerry's Cambridge

Although last night marked the end of a magnificent run for the magnificent TV show 30 Rock, the series will still live vicariously through a new Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt flavor commemorating the end of the highly regarded series: Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Blueberry Lavender Swirl.

Make Your Own Halloween Cupcakes with Kickass Cupcakes

Kickass Cupcakes

Trick or Treat Cupcakes

by Kickass Cupcakes

Yield | Makes 2 dozen.

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