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Cooling Off With DiningIn

Ben & Jerry's

June 21st officially marks the start of the summer season. This means it’s time to bring on the bikinis and the speedos, bring out the fresh caught lobster, and bring home some melt-in-your-mouth ice cream and frozen yogurt to your freezer. Sure, the summer season is also a time for sugary iced coffee and savory iced adult beverages that will keep you cool while making you look pretty hip, but when the real heat hits there’s nothing better than a little bit of ice cream or frozen yogurt to chill you out.

But what if it’s just too hot to leave your house or apartment? We all know that the tooth fairy isn’t going to magically deliver ice cream or frozen yogurt and put it under your pillow if you pluck a non-baby tooth out of your mouth with a pair of pliers, but lucky for you (if you’re in Boston, Chicago, Dallas or Philadelphia – and soon in Minneapolis!), DiningIn delivers frozen yogurt or ice cream in all of our cities!

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