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May Is National Burger Month: 25 Tasty Burgers Delivered By DiningIn

Davio's Burger

The month of May has been issued the designation of "National Burger Month" - which I wasn’t aware of until just this year, but this issuance certainly gives all of us burger lovers a reason to indulge in gourmet ground beef patties with a variety of oftentimes inventive and oftentimes classical toppings. Zagat recently published a list of the ten best burgers you can get delivered in Philadelphia (all of which you can get delivered by us!), so I figured – in the spirit of Zagat – that I’d tell you guys about the best burgers that we deliver in each of our cities - Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis & Philly.


Met Burger BarMet Back Bay, Boston

I don’t think the description of “Burger Bar” does Met Back Bay’s Burger Bar justice. There are no recommendations from their staff – the choice is all up to you. You pick the type of meat or filling you want (the four choices are Met Prime Blend, Salmon, Turkey and Falafel), and then you pick the “Set Up” – and these choices will take you around the world. If you choose “LA,” your burger will be topped off with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and roasted garlic mayo. If you choose “Paris,” your burger will be topped off with Brie cheese, a fried egg, caramelized onions and truffle mayo. If you choose “Boston” (which we recommend), you’ll get cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg on your burger.

The Fireplace BurgerThe Fireplace, Brookline

Chef Jim Solomon’s The Fireplace Burger was one of the finalists for’s 2013 Battle of the Burger, and for good reason: his restaurant’s signature burger is stuffed with Shelburne farms Landaff Cheddar and topped off with thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and a garlic dill pickle – but the real catch is that it comes on a homemade English muffin. The texture of the burger might not sound entirely appealing to you at first, but trust us – it’s worth savoring.

Your Restaurant Guide to Valentine’s Day

valentines day restaurants

Forgot to book a table for Valentine's Day? Dont panic.

Staff Picks: Cookout Food Without The Cooking

Carson's Ribs DiningIn

There's a point in life that everyone reaches where they want to grill outside, but some may come to the sad realization that they are entirely incapable of doing so. Perhaps it's because it's snowy outside; maybe they live in a city where it's too congested to own a grill; sometimes they are way too busy to actually host a cookout or to cook cookout food. 

This is where DiningIn can help you all out!  

With our first Staff Picks blog post, we want to ensure our patrons in each of our beloved cities that if you want cookout food, you’re entirely capable of getting that desired delectable fare without doing any cooking (or leaving the house for that matter) by providing our valued customers with a variety of options. Cookouts have never been so easy - maybe call it a cook-in

Matt A, Copywriter - You really can't go wrong with a New York Strip Steak or a Signature Burger from Joe's American Bar & Grill in Boston. Whether it's from their Back Bay, Waterfront or Woburn location, you'll be delivered juicy, seared-to-perfection pieces of beef. To make it a truly authentic cookout experience, order sides of Corn on the Cob and Creamy Cole Slaw with your entrée.

The History Of The Burger

Etno Village Grill, burger, Chicago

The burger seems to be firmly embedded in American culture permanently. It’s like every living restaurateur is deeply lodged in an incessant competition against other burger connoisseurs to see who actually makes the best burger. Just in Boston alone, every day I seem to see a new place that claims to serve “Boston’s Best Burger.”

But what is it with this preposterously negative stigma currently floating around claiming that burgers are primarily a form of “fast food?” Yeah, you can cook ‘em quick, and if you have a big enough mouth (or a small enough burger) you can eat ‘em quick, but whatever happened to savoring the flavor? Can’t a burger be as flavorful as any other piece of meat – more than just another form of mass to fill the never-ending, bottomless pit that is the human stomach?

I beg to say yes – but the problem is, the history of the burger tells us different. See, burgers, for better or worse, were invented to fill the demand of people who didn’t have hours upon hours to cook their meals at home. They were created to simplify peoples’ lives (sort of like DiningIn) and give them a quick and simple meal (unlike DiningIn) to fill themselves up with the needed energy to proceed with their day-by-day activities.

But why must burgers be looked at that way, as such an effortless, fast, unhealthy and non-gourmet culinary item? In order to answer this, we must investigate exactly where the burger came from – but this question is harder to answer than most think. Truth be told, there have been many variations of salted, processed meat that has made its way all across the world. 

See, until the last 100 or so years, minced meat was once considered a specialty food only for the upper class. Compare that to nowadays, where consumers are feigning for dollar burgers and expecting to be properly fed for less than half of an hour’s worth of pay on minimum wage. The easier question to answer, compared to “Where did burgers come from?” is “Where were burgers popularized?” – and the simple answer to that is the United States.

Yes, burgers immigrated to this country following the invention of the Hamburg steak (essentially hamburger formed in the shape of a steak) in good ol’ Hamburg, Germany. Beef, like now, was the primary meat source from which burgers were made back in the old country. Of course, this has changed significantly since then (we’ll discuss this in a bit). But when exactly did the burger become popular?

Well, no one really knows. Those early burger-eaters clearly didn’t see the need to formalize the name of their food: It was just brotein to them. Also, as stated before, people had been eating salted, processed meat for a long time before the term “burger” was coined. So, who is officially credited as the first burger-maker?

That award goes to Louis Lassen – the owner of the old Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT – where the first burger was OFFICIALLY created in 1900. Louis’ Lunch, “The Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich,” is still open to this day.

How You Can Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day With DiningIn


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. For many, this is the perfect day to spoil their loved ones with soon-to-be useless jewelry and unadulterated fattening chocolates. These gifts are unmistakably cliché ways to overindulge your better halves, but if you want to get on the good side of your loved ones, spoil them with fresh, delicious cooked food.

There’s only one major problem: A lot of people don’t know the first thing about cooking. If you’re one of these people, well, today is your lucky day! This is where us folks here at DiningIn can totally help you have a lusciously romantic and dreamy Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know how to cook, you can just order from us here at DiningIn and pretend you cooked it!

Imagine that… You’re a master chef and your feme covert had no idea! Here’s a fair warning, though, before you get yourself into this: Don’t order a pizza or sushi from us and then come back all mad and upset when your loved one doesn’t actually believe that you cooked it. You need to order STRATEGICALLY. Think of things that are actually believable…

...Like steak! We work with PLENTY of steakhouses, like Wildfire in Chicago, BJ’s Brewhouse in Dallas, Joe’s American Bar & Grill in Boston or Butcher And Singer in Philadelphia. It’s easy to fake cooking a steak – trust me.

How about some Italian food? It’s certainly not as easy to fake as steak, but if that’s what you think will bring back the spark, we can certainly help you in this department as well. DiningIn delivers for Maggiano’s in each of the four cities we work in, and there are plenty of other Italian cuisine options within each city as well. 

Craving seafood? If you’re in Boston, try The Daily Catch. For our friends in Dallas, Saltwater Willy’s is one of the many options you have. If you’re in Philadelphia and you’re trying to be über-sensual and romantic, get some oysters from Snockey’s Oyster & Crab House. Lastly, in Chicago, Joe’s Stone Crab is the place to go for seafood.

We've got you covered in the dessert department as well - don't worry. Our Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia markets all offer a variety of dessert options to fix your sweet tooth. 

See how easy it is to be a fake chef? It’s so easy that a well-trained monkey could do it! However, by pretend-cooking, you run the risk of getting caught, but always remember: There’s no reward without a risk, but it's also a risk-reward play. If you don’t want to get caught, keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Make sure that the food is delivered WHILE YOUR LOVED ONE IS NOT HOME!

If they see the deliveryman at the door, you’re screwed - probably forever. 

2. Put “fake” dirty dishes in the sink.

You don’t have to dirty them up – just fill the pan with water and soap and it will look like you already cleaned it (potential for extra bonus points)!

3. Presentation is key.

Make sure you place the food on some sexy plates so that it looks fresh. Don’t just flop your steak on there - use a spatula. If you're faking cooking pasta, throw some freshly grated cheese on top - BAM

4. Dispose of ALL evidence!

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