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Staff Picks: Most Creative Salads

Vertical Pear Salad

There's nothing like a good salad. 

Seriously: some salads are super healthy, others are über delicious, many are high or low in protein and iron, some are ridiculously cool-looking (like the Vertical Pear Salad pictured to the left), and, sadly, a good amount are direct relatives of Plain Jane Boring. It really hits the spot for me when I can get a salad that falls under the category of all of the following three descriptions: 

1) Nutritious 2) Delicious 3) Pretty

There's not one soul in existence out there roaming this ginormous world who'd be better at providing you with the most creative salads that can be delivered by DiningIn in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities than firsthand DiningIn employees themselves - and that's why I've rounded up the troops to provide you all with a list of the most creative salads you can find on our website!

Amanda G, Account Management Executive - The classic Caesar Salad is a staple in almost all restaurants that carry salads, but to get the Caesar salad exactly right is truly a form of art. The best Caesar Salads have the perfect mix of crisp lettuce, a crunchy and flavorful crouton and homemade Caesar dressing that isn't over-the-top creamy. I have to say, working for a restaurant company I have sampled a lot of Caesar salads and hands down, the one worth taking the plunge and indulging in a true delicacy is the 2013 Caesar Salad from Met Back Bay. The lettuce is a blend of romaine & endive, the croutons are toasted slightly and full of garlic (a major Caesar salad must!) and on top of the salad sits crispy parmesan pieces. You can even add chicken or salmon if you desire, but Met Bar’s Caesar Salad needs no assistance!

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