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Collection of dishes from premier restaurants of the DiningIn restaurant network.

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5 Foods Delivered By DiningIn Worth Breaking Your Calorie Count For

CPK, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Foods worth breaking calorie count over

California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

It’s practically the most popular menu item at every single California Pizza Kitchen that DiningIn works with throughout Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia. California Pizza Kitchen even claims to be its initial inventor in 1985, a claim that no one has tried to deny.

DiningIn's Greatest Asian Noodle Dishes


Noodles are a native dish of most East Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, where they’re frequently consumed on a regular basis, or on special occasions to represent good health and longevity. Today, there are over a dozen types of noodles used in the typical Asian culinary traditions like ramen noodles, udon wheat noodles, rice vermicelli, chilled soba noodles, wonton noodles, and cellophane noodles (also called glass noodles).

Now Available for Delivery in Minneapolis: P.F. Chang's China Bistro

pf changs delivery

Serving flavorful Asian-inspired dishes, P.F. Chang’s extensive menu features seasonal items, lunch specials, and gluten-free selections. Now available for delivery in Edina, Bloomington, and Minneapolis via

Chinese Restaurant Recommendations for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Known as the Lunar New Year, the 1st day of the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of 15-days of celebration.  On this day, bright red, colorful festivals with half-dragon, half-lion creatures parade around the main streets of Chinese cities, and Chinese communities all around the world.  To spread the joy and Chinese tradition, many families will gather to cook, eat, and be in good company to start off the year.

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