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13 Bacon Dishes To Celebrate National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day

"Mmm, bacon!" is a phrase that I - and most bacon lovers across the planet - say to ourselves, on average, about once a week. Whether I'm eating breakfast, sinking my teeth into a bacon cheeseburger, or devouring whatever other bacon concoction is laid in front of me, if there's bacon involved in my meal, it's typically the best part of it. So, for National Bacon Day, August 31st, I've put together a list of 14 of DiningIn's best bacon dishes. Please read on, just don't drool on your keyboard. 

7 Awesome Dallas Spots that Deliver Breakfast

Dallas/Fort Worth Restaurants that deliver breakfast

Sometimes the most important meal of the day can be the most difficult to get to.  

While it's proven to give you a solid energy boost, lower your cholesterol, and help you focus throughout a long day of work, roughly 60% of Americans still skip breakfast every day.  

The top breakfast skipping reasons are being too late for work, too busy in the morning, and feeling too tired to cook or prepare something. 

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