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Pairing Beer with Food


We’ve been taught to shape our diet according to the famous ‘Food Pyramid’ since back in kindergarten.  At some point, the pyramid took a turn, and the common food groups have been reduced. These are Food and Beer.

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It often seems that the wine pairing experts forget about the 39% of Americans that prefer cold ones to wine. (Gallup, 2012)Beer Consumption by state


These are 5 popular beer types and the most desirable dishes to pair them with for a fantastic dining experience:


  • Foods: Fish, hamburgers, nachos with cheese or salsa; can be paired with most meals and appetizers.
  • Examples: Sam Adams Boston Lager (U.S.), Heineken (Netherlands), Negra Modelo (Mexico), Samuel Smith’s Alpine (England) Kingfisher Premium (India).
  • Tip: Darker lagers go best with hearty stews.

Pale Ale

  • Foods: Seafood plates, fried seafood, spicy dishes.
  • Examples: Dale’s Pale Ale (U.S.), Sierra Nevada (U.S.), Unibroue Blonde De Chambly (Canada), Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA (England), Smithwick's Red Ale (Ireland).
  • Tip: Try a fruitier pale ale beer with lamb and grilled chicken.
Beer logos around the world

Brown Ale

  • Foods: Salad, spicy dishes, beef/pork entrees, Cajun/Thai-inspired meals, Mexican gumbo.
  • Examples: Newcastle Brown Ale (England), Brooklyn Brown Ale (U.S.), Turbodog (England), Texas Brown Ale (U.S.), Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale (U.S.).
  • Tip: Traditional brown ales work just as great with steaks as red wine. 


  • Foods: Hearty soup and meat dishes.
  • Examples: Guinness (Ireland), Oak Aged Mocha Stout (U.S), Young’s Double Chocolate (England), Kiuchi Hitachino Nest Espresso (Japan) Harvey's Imperial Extra Double Stout (England).
  • Tip: Choose sweeter stouts for heavier desserts like dark chocolate raspberry. Porter beer may be used to substitute Stout.

Wheat or Weiss beers

  • Foods: Citrus inspired desserts, vegetarian dishes, light soups, Asian foods.
  • Examples: Hoegaarden (Belgium), Augustiner Weissbier (Germany), Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen (U.S.), Blue Moon Belgian White (U.S.), Weihenstephaner Vitus (Germany).
  • Tip: American wheat beers tend to be fruitier, pair them with summer salads or lighter fish (ex. tilapia).

If you prefer to sit back and enjoy your beer by itself, Humperdink’s has 5 tips to better appreciating your beer, whether at home or at tasting events.

Dallas Beer Tasting Etiquette | Top 5 Tips 

Humperdinks Restaurant & brewery DiningIn

“To fully appreciate a Dallas beer tasting, you need to do more than simply pick up the glass and chug its contents. Instead, there’s a certain beer tasting form you should adopt to get the most out of your beverage. Here are five steps you should take for proper beer etiquette the next time you go to a beer tasting.”

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