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You Are What You Eat

 DiningIn Metropolis Cafe food Image: Metropolis Cafe

“The way you make an omelet reveals your character.”
Anthony Bourdain  


For hundreds of years, living beings have been categorized into omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores.  With these groupings, we’ve been able to figure out where they live, or the structure of their digestive system.  In other words: their place on the food chain, and role in the animal kingdom. 

The foods we cook at home or order online have become flavorsome exhibitions of our personalities including ties to gender, age group, culture, lifestyle, and most important, our values.  

You are what you eat DiningIn


According to StrategyOne (2010), 66% of US grocery shoppers agree that foods make a statement about personal values, with women slightly agreeing more than men. 

The 25-34-age bracket accounts for approximately one-third of professionals in the U.S.  Being the last of Generation Y, cultural components, confidence, and ambitious behaviors might be the reason for its 12% jump from the 18-24 in statement-driven meals.

Pushing for strong social justice and eco-conscious decisions, progressives tend to take the lead over conservatives in value-filled foods and dishes by a 10-point margin when segmented into the two major political parties in the US.


PoliticalParty Foodieat

“72% of Democratic consumers (defined in this study as those who voted for Obama in 2008) agree with this statement, while Republicans (those who voted for McCain) are 62% in agreement.” (McGrath, Diaz. 2010)


There’s been a clear change in the way America eats.  The meals we consume every day, at home or at local restaurants, have become more than just a necessity, but also a deep, emotional connection to who we are today.  These ties represent our upbringing, where we come from, and where we as individuals may end up in the future.


What was your last meal? Does it make a valid statement about you?

Share it with us on the comment section below!