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What You’ll Miss About Hostess Brands


squiggly line hostesssquiggly line hostesssquiggly line hostess

America’s beloved, iconic bakery products and distributors will say goodbye after 82 years of calling our childhood lunchboxes “home.”  After filing for bankruptcy in 2004 and early 2012, Hostess Brands, also owners of Drake’s® and Dolly Madison®, will close down.

Our Facebook fans also told us what they’ll miss the most, including “long expiration dates”, and the memorable Wonder Bread®.  

“Orange cupcakes,” said Portia Blackwell, “I guess I wont have a choice but to face a withdrawal…”

Today, we’d like to remember our favorite Hostess snacks, and bring back a few of our sugary memories:

  • The Twinkie.  Born in April 6, 1930, this decadent treat made a comeback in the 2009 zombie-apocalypse comedy Zombieland featuring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson.
  • Ho Ho's; the mini Swiss roll
  • Deep-fried Twinkies: courtesy of the Texas State Fair
  • deep fried twinkieAttempting to eat the outer-most layer of Yodels without biting into the cake.
  • The “Wonder years
  • The signature squiggly line of icing on top of the CupCake.
  • Devil Dogs
  • Pack of 2 coffee cakes with cinnamon streusel crumb topping
  • Being tricked into eating "healthy" bread with Wonder Bread’s whole grain white bread.
  • Peanut butter-filled Funny Bones
  • Sno Balls: ball of chocolate cake covered in marshmallow and pink coconut flakes.
  • Mini Donnettes, and donut powder everywhere.
  • Individually-wrapped Cherry pies.
  • 15-year shelf life of a Twinkie
  • Suzy Q’s.
  • Honey Buns after 12 seconds in the microwave. Mmm!
  • “Wonder becomes the first brand to distribute sliced bread” –coining the term “the best thing since sliced bread.”

There is still some hope for a settlement, but until then, enjoy every last bite of your favorite snack at home with the make-your-own Twinkies video recipe by Kickass Cupcakes.