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45 Ways to Simplify Your Life


45 things you can do to reduce your stress + live a healthy, happy life.

  1. Stay positive
  2. Keep organized
  3. Turn off your cell phone whenever possible
  4. Laugh
  5. Carry a pen
  6. Clean your purse or wallet weekly
  7. Pack a lunch or order it in advanceCantina Laredo DiningIn
  8. Realize that mistakes do happen
  9. Learn how to read a map
  10. Take a vacation
  11. Hang up your good clothes
  12. Create an online banking account
  13. Get a space heater or heated blanket
  14. Back up your computer files
  15. Don't multi-task
  16. Go paperless
  17. Donate old stuff
  18. Pay off your credit card
  19. Have a daily eating plan
  20. Buy white socks— they’ll always match!
  21. Say no if you need to
  22. Add your number to the Do Not Call Registry
  23. Order your shoes online
  24. Be passionate
  25. Wear a watch
  26. Remember where you parked your car
  27. Take your lunch break
  28. Learn basic Google search tricks 
  29. Ask for directions
  30. Spoil yourself once in a while
  31. Have plastic, food storage containers handy at all times
  32. Eat breakfastPanera bread DiningIn delivery
  33. Set up speed-dial
  34. Use sticky notes
  35. Take a deep breath
  36. Keep quarters in your pocket
  37. Master the art of doing Nothing
  38. Keep socks in your car
  39. Celebrate your successes
  40. Be honest
  41. Create a savings account
  42. Always put your keys in the same place
  43. Do your grocery shopping in the early morning or late at night.
  44. Get a pair of rain boots (especially if you live in a city)
  45. Quality > Quantity