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Pinkberry Delivers Swirly Treats, Tweets to Chicago


The creators of the soft-serve, all-natural frozen yogurt first opened their doors in Chicago, IL on July 2011, where CEO Ron Graves shook hands and gave out free samples at the 635 N State St. location.  Just months after the grand opening, Pinkberry partnered with DiningIn to provide ‘swirly goodness’ to customers without them leaving their home.  

Since, the loyal fans of Pinkberry Chicago have become avid promoters on social media with pictures of their frozen treats, and expressions of satisfied sweet tooths across the city.  Recently, they held Twitter contest where 3 fans won Pinkberry Chicago gift cards by simply submitting their best Pinkberry FroYo creation.


Pinkberry Chicago DiningIn

Image: Pinkberry FroYo winner

We spoke to Laurel Slutsky, the face behind the @PinkberryCHI Twitter account, who tweets back at happy customers and updates them on the latest flavors and exclusive offers.

You are constantly communicating with Pinkberry fans, how would you describe their enthusiasm and love for this frozen treat?

Pinkberry Chicago fans are unlike any other frozen yogurt fans. They are extremely loyal and always love to be "in-the-know." They praise the unique guest experience at Pinkberry and enjoy the fact that Pinkberry isn’t like other self-serve froyo shops. 

We update them on new events, special promotions and new flavors as often as we can and always receive immediate feedback from them [on Twitter]. At any time of day, we see our fans checking in on Foursquare, and tweeting or ‘instagramming’ us a photo of their Pinkberry creation. They are what make this brand so special.

What are the benefits of being able to deliver Pinkberry to homes and offices in Chicago?

We all know Chicago isn't the most ideal frozen yogurt weather, and this is why we want to be able to satisfy those Pinkberry cravings throughout the frigid winter. When you're in the warmth of your home or office, you still may be in the mood for an Original/Grapefruit swirl or maybe a Chocolate Hazelnut with brownie bites. We want to bring our customers what they want without making them travel out into the cold.

How does Pinkberry froyo satisfy a sweet craving for people that want an alternative to ice cream?

Our frozen yogurt flavors are non-fat and our toppings are 100% free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. If you don't necessarily like the sweetness of ice cream, we have many other options. Try our newest flavor: Grapefruit --both refreshing and tangy!

Stay tuned for: New Pinkberry Greek Yogurt!

What's your favorite flavor?

My personal favorite is pretty deluxe. I like the Chocolate Hazelnut with Milk Chocolate Crunch (worth the extra $0.50), Cheesecake Bites and Bananas! 


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