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Featured Chicago Restaurant: Portillo's Hot Dogs


Featured Chicago Restaurant: Portillo's Hot Dogs



If you're from Chicago, or if you've been to Chicago, or if you just generally know Chicago, you're well aware of how important the Italian beef sandwich is to the non-vegan residents of the Windy City. Portillo's Hot Dogs knows how important this oh-so-traditional sandwich is to Chicago, and that's why they've partnered with us here at DiningIn to let us bring the components of their mouthwatering menu to your home. 


Typically, orders start with a side of cheddar cheese fries or onion rings - and you can't go wrong with either of these choices. After that, it's on to the most important part: the Italian beef sandwich (seen below).


Portillo's Hot Dogs


You can have the sandwich served a couple of different ways. You can go half sausage, half Italian beef if you can't make up your mind, or you could go all beef or all sausage if you're 100% sure; you can have hot peppers, sweet peppers or hot and sweet peppers on the sandwich; however, the big question is how you will have the sandwich dipped in Portillo's special au jus gravy. You can have your sandwich dipped, well-dipped, or served with gravy on the side - it's all up to you at no extra charge. We recommend that you dip it as many times as humanly possible.


Also available at Portillo's Hot Dogs is their famous beef hot dog, which has mustard, relish, chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, hot peppers and a kosher pickle as its toppings, all served on a steamed poppy seed bun. If you're feeling especially hungry, upgrade from the Italian beef sandwich or the beef hot dog to the BIG beef sandwich or the JUMBO hot dog. If you're not into the traditional Chi-town sandwich or not much of a hot dog consumer, Portillo's Chicago offers plenty of other choices for you non-traditionalists. There are plenty of chicken, fish and vegetarian options - and I haven't even gotten to the sweets yet.




If you have ordered from Portillo's Hot Dogs and forgot to order one of their famous shakes as your dessert, you're probably damned to hell. Portillo's offers  vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milkshakes and malt shakes.


There are even strawberry and banana smoothies. The big kahuna of Portillo's Hot Dogs dessert menu, though, is their famous CHOCOLATE CAKE SHAKE (yes, both the words "cake" and "shake" belong in that name). They literally take a whole slice of chocolate cake and mash it into a vanilla shake, and the result is... Heaven.


Portillo's Hot Dogs


If you're in Chicago, have DiningIn bring Portillo's Hot Dogs to your home today.


Learn more about Portillo's Hot Dogs Here!

Portillo's Hot Dogs


See menu and order Portillo's Hot Dogs online from DiningIn!

Portillo's Hot Dogs