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Featured Dallas Restaurant: East Hampton Sandwich Co.


Featured Dallas Restaurant: East Hampton Sandwich Company

There’s always something to be said about a restaurant that offers a wide variety of sandwiches to its customers. Some would say, “Wow! Look at that amazing selection!” – while others will sing the “Make sure you’re picky…” song. East Hampton Sandwich Company in Dallas doesn’t have to worry about that unpleasant bipartisanship. Their menu is to the point - small, sophisticated and savory. There are about ten sandwiches to choose from at East Hampton Sandwich Company, but instead of quantity, quality is certainly the restaurant’s first concern.

East Hampton Sandwich Co

Let’s start off with talking about East Hampton’s soup and salads. You can try their scrumptious Roasted Corn Chowder (Beware, veggie-heads: There's bacon) or the Grilled Caesar Salad (recommended with chicken), but we suggest that you go with the Golden Pear + Pancetta salad if you know what’s best for you. Topped with bleu cheese crumble and champagne vinaigrette, we consider this to be the tastiest of East Hampton’s soup and salads.

Now let’s get to the sandwiches: First, we recommend that you try the Cuban Sandwich. It’s pilled high with pork and melted Swiss. and topped off with a spicy mojo sauce. If you’ve had a Cuban Sandwich before and you haven’t had East Hampton Sandwich Company’s Cuban Sandwich, then chances are you just haven’t ever had a real Cuban Sandwich in your life.

Other hot sandwiches include the Cheeseburger, the Meyer Lemon Chicken Sandwich (topped with watermelon radish and roasted pepper aioli, FYI) and the Honey Grilled Chicken + Romaine Sandwich (with grilled romaine lettuce – YUM). If you’re looking for an especially lip-smacking mouthful, try the Hot Cheese + Short Rib Sandwich because, well, short ribs are pretty much God’s gift to carnivores roaming the Earth.

EastHampton2Regardless of how good they are, be sure not to stop at the hot sandwiches – try the cold ones, too! The Lobster Roll is (obviously) delicious, as is the Roast Beef + Spinach Sandwich – but the real winner here is the Turkey, Bacon + Avocado Sandwich. It’s topped off with savory garlic sage aioli, and if you were a Turkey Bacon Sandwich person before, you’re going to be a Turkey Bacon + Avocado Sandwich person once you’ve tried East Hampton Sandwich Company’s variation of the oft-eaten light meal.

Don’t worry – East Hampton Sandwich Company didn’t forget about all you vegetarians out there! They offer a special Goat Cheese + Avocado Sandwich that’s worth more than every penny, and if you’d like you can always order some Homemade Potato Chips or Hampton Style Slaw from them as well.

Allow us here at DiningIn the privilege of bringing Dallas’ finest sandwiches from East Hampton Sandwich Company to your doorstep!

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