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Featured Chicago Restaurant: Wow Bao


Featured Chicago Restaurant: Wow Bao

Wow Bao is as its title implies: Something of a WOWING experience. Unlike other Asian restaurants guilty of often frying their food, Wow Bao insists on steam cooking its food for the better of their customers’ health and for the bestest, freshest taste possible.


Wow Bao was actually featured in Forbes in an article called 10 Great Little Restaurant Chains You Haven't Heard Of - Yet. The Food Channel also called it one of the 20 most socially influential restaurants in the USA. Simply stated, Wow Bao has got a lot going for it – and that’s just how it works when you incessantly continue to WOW your customers.


But HOW does WOW BAO continue to WOW its customers? Well, there are a variety of reasons why. Simply stated, it’s because of their Bao, Potstickers and Bowls.


Wow Bao, BaoA question that we often hear a lot from our customers is “What exactly is a ‘BAO?’” The exact definition is: “A type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like item in various Chinese cuisines, with much variation as to the fillings and the preparations.” As I mentioned before, Wow Bao exclusively steam cooks all of their Bao, along with the rest of their cooked food to ensure that their customers don’t need to live with the rather heavy side effects of fried food. Take a look at one of Wow Bao's Baos to your left. 


Wow Bao's Bao fillings include Teriyaki Chicken, Spicy Kung Pao Chicken, Whole Wheat Edamame, Thai Curry Chicken, Spicy Mongolian Beef or BBQ Pork. Unless you’re a vegetarian, you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices – and the same goes for Wow Bao’s Potstickers as well.


You can choose between Chicken, Green Vegetables and Pork and Cabbage fillings for your Potstickers. Wow Bao’s bowls are also quite delectable and mouthwatering.


You can choose between the Spicy Mongolian Beef Bowl, the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, the Thai Curry Chicken Bowl, the Spicy Kung Pao Chicken Bowl, and the All Vegetable Bowl. Each bowl comes with your choice of jasmine-white rice, multi-grain rice, napa cabbage, lettuce cups, quinoa, lo mein noodles or chow fun noodles.

Wow BaoIf you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can always try Wow Bao’s sweet Bao – indulge in a Coconut Custard Bao or a Chocolate Bao if you’re looking to satisfy an insatiable candied craving.


For those seeking diversity, you can also order a combination lunch or dinner from Wow Bao. You have the choice between two Bao and five Potstickers, along with a Cool Pad Thai Salad, an Asian Vegetable Salad, or Spicy Peanut Noodles.


No matter what the specifications of your diet are, no matter what your indecisive mind may currently be fancying, Wow Bao can work with you – and DiningIn can bring it to you.


Even if you solely want a salad, you can choose between the Asian Vegetable Salad with Chicken, the Cool Pad Thai Salad with Chicken, and even the Spicy Peanut Noodles With Chicken.


If you’re looking to quench your thirst with your meal from Wow Bao, try one of their Homemade Ginger Ales. There’s the Original Ginger Ale, the Pomegranate Ginger Ale and the Green Tea Ginger Ale – ALL HOMEMADE! If you’re personally not a fan of Ginger Ale, try one of their other drinks – they also offer Hibiscus Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee.

We are gleeful about the fact that we are able to work with Wow Bao in Chicago, and DiningIn would be even more gleeful if we could make your day (or night) by delivering Wow Bao’s delicious cuisine to your doorstep!


If you’re a fan of fresh, flavorful Asian cuisine, simplifying your life has never ever been tastier.


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