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Baseball & Food: The Perfect Pair!


Baseball and food go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong.

Baseball FoodFor real though - despite popular belief, America’s pastime isn’t all about unshelled peanuts, sunflower seeds, bubble gum, chewing tobacco and boiled wieners. Babe Ruth did love hot dogs and dip fanatically, but just because someone loved something 100 years ago doesn’t mean we have to like it now, right? After all, this is America – a place where we’re afraid to accept the fact that our food culture is primarily made up of hot dogs and burgers.

It is ever-changing, though. Fans from across the country want more than that nowadays when they attend a baseball game. Stadiums have started to offer a variety of different cuisines from different cultures in order to appeal to as wide of a fan base as possible, and because of this we've seen Sushi, Quesadillas and Cuban Sandwiches added to many ballparks' menus. 

Basically, baseball is the perfect sport for foodies. Many near-legendary players are also well-known food fanatics. There’s Wade Boggs, who ate Grilled Chicken superstitiously before every game; Lance Berkman, who (blandly) likes to eat Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Sandwiches during his pre-game routine; Josh Beckett, who may or may not have not-so-soberly feasted on Fried Chicken in the Red Sox dugout during his off days before heading off to LaLa Land in a blockbuster trade.

Who cares about them, though? WE’RE paying THEM to watch them play baseball, and we want to eat well while we're watching. It’s not a new trend that human beings want to eat well while viewing entertainment! That’s why DiningIn is here to provide you with our favorite ballpark foods at Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field, The Ballpark At Arlington and Citizens Bank Park, along with the best ballpark foods that us folks here at DiningIn can deliver directly to your door!

Boston (Home of the Red Sox)

Fenway ParkThis is the only city in the country where a ballpark could successfully sell Clam Chowder. Legal Seafood’s got chowdah, both at Fenway and through DiningIn delivery, for all of you Chowdaheadz. If you’re a pizzahead and enjoy authentic Boston pizza, we’re here to tell you that Pizzeria Regina, Scoozi and Ernesto’s are substantially good substitutes for Fenway’s seemingly everlasting Papa Gino’s partnership. If you’re craving a Fenway Frank, well, go to your local grocery store and find them in the Meat section. By cooking your Fenway Frank at home, you can also GRILL YOUR BUN.

Philadelphia (Home of the Phillies)

CitizensBankParkPic1Philly is the undisputed home of the Cheese Steak, and Campo’s is one of the best and most legendary cheese-steakers there is in existence. Citizen’s Bank Park proudly serves Campo’s Cheese Steak within their park, and if you’re feigning for a Hoagie at home, DiningIn’s got you covered in that department as well! Citizen's Bank Park also offers many vegetarian and gluten-free items, ranging all the way from Vegan Hot Dogs to Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers to Salads and Vegan Chicken Sandwiches, among many others.

Chicago (Home of the Cubs and White Sox)

Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field

If you’re a traditionalist and just want a plain old hot dog, we got the hookup in Chicago. Try one of Portillo’s Jumbo Hot Dogs or Jumbo Chili Dogs, or one of the Magnificent Dogs from Gold Coast Dogs, or one of the famous Chili Cheese Dogs With Onions from Al’s Italian Beef. Wrigley Field (home of the Cubs) now offers a Vegetarian Dog – but really, who wants a healthy hot dog when you can have all of the wonderful meat trimmings, flavorings and preservatives associated with traditional hot dogs? No one - exactly. U.S. Cellular Field (home of the White Sox) also sells a Bratwurst, which conveniently can be brought to your home from both Downtown Dogs and Mustard’s Last Stand. As you can tell, like America runs on Dunkin’, Chicago runs on wieners.

Arlington (Home of the Rangers)

The Ballpark At ArlingtonTwo of the best spots to eat at The Ballpark In Arlington are the BBQ and Fry Depot stations. The BBQ Sandwiches are deliciously smoky, and the Garlic Fries tasty, however they won’t help you resonate well with fans due to the inevitable bad breath that is to come. If you like Garlic Fries, you can order them from Dough Bro’s Italian Kitchen or Ketchup Burger Bar. As for BBQ Sandwiches that DiningIn can bring to you, there are quite a few: See the whole list here.