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5 Must-Try Indian Restaurants in Dallas


While most people crave a cold drink or a nice bowl of frozen yogurt, it's been said that hot foods and drinks in the summer can actually increase your blood circulation and cool you down.

In the warmest regions in the world, especially in Southeast Asia, people tend to gravitate towards hot green tea, soups, curry, and spices.  So even in the hot summer heat, you'll also find a handful of people in and around Dallas looking to give their tastebuds a kick with a spicy Indian dish.'s 10 Best New Restaurants in Dallas

Here are the 5 must-try Indian restaurants in the greater Dallas area, all available for delivery through DiningIn:

1. Roti Grill

This Indian, Mckinney Avenue favorite has been turning skeptics into believers for some time now.  Whether you order the vegetarian Kofta Masala (image below), the potato-stuffed Aloo Paratha, or fresh Garlic Naan bread, you'll always walk away a happy diner.

See delivery menu: Roti Grill

Indian Restaurants Dallas


Image: Roti Grill Dallas 

2. Masala Wok

Masala Wok has blended the flavors of Central, South, East Asia, and everything in between with mouth-watering dishes including Goan Vindaloo, Dum Biryani (image below), Kung Pao Chicken, and Masala Fried Rice.

See delivery menu: Masala Wok

Indian Restaurants Dallas

Image: Masala Wok Dallas

3. Ruchi Palace

With multiple locations in the DFW area, Ruchi Palace knows winning Indian plates and appetizers like Spinach Pakora fritters, the spiced pastry-like Vegetable Samosas, Raitha Salad (image below), Rawa Onion Masala Dosa (Crepe grilled with onions & stuffed with potatoes), and Butter Chicken with herbs and spices.

See delivery menu: Ruchi Palace

Indian Restaurants Dallas


Image: Ruchi Palace Dallas

4. Mumtaz Indian Restaurant

Having more than 25 years of experience, Mumtaz puts a classic spin on authentic Punjabi cuisine with mesquite-marinated Tandoori Chicken Wings, Fish Pakora, Saag Paneer (image below), and a Mango Custard with fruit chunks for dessert.

See delivery menu: Mumtaz Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurants Chicago


Image: Mumtaz-Indian Restaurant Dallas

5. Vindu Indian Cuisine

Vindu Indian Cuisine serves the ideal combination of flavors and perfect portions from ground lamb-stuffed Kima Naan, Mla Pesarattu crepe, Shrimp Masala, and Kulfi (pistachio-flavored Indian ice cream).

See delivery menu: Vindu Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurants Dallas
By Sat Bhatti 2005



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