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Featured Boston Restaurant: The Fireplace


The Fireplace Brookline


A relaxing ambiance is a tough thing to come upon in the big city – and that is a good part of the reason why restaurant lovers flock down Beacon St. all the short way from Boston to Brookline to go to The Fireplace. There, you’ll find a comfortable restaurant amidst a laid back Washington Square atmosphere, with separate lunch and dinner menus stuffed with utterly fresh cuisines made of concoctions you’d never imagine.


Much of the experience at The Fireplace lies in delving into their seasonal tastes, but you can’t go wrong with their year-round menu items, either.


Their burger is well-known and critically acclaimed – The Fireplace Burger – and it is one that will truly make you understand the point of savoring the flavor of what is essentially a cheeseburger, albeit a gourmet one (they DO compete in Boston Magazine's Battle of the Burger every year). The description of the burger is as follows:


“A Shelburne farms cheddar-stuffed, grass-fed Vermont burger with thick cut bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and a house-brined dill pickle on a homemade English muffin. Served with fresh-cut fries and kale chips.”

In my humble opinion, the best part of the burger is the English muffin roll. Upon first thought, an English muffin roll might not seem ideal for a burger – some thoughts may be that the texture doesn’t match the normal bulkie-style texture of a typical burger; others may be that English muffins are made for breakfast and breakfast only – but this is one of those many cases where you’ll be damned if you judge a book by its cover.


The English muffin roll actually holds together the big, juicy, topping-covered burger so perfectly that you don’t ever want to put it down to wipe your face or hands until you actually finish it. Any true foodie is capable of finishing the burger itself with the right appetite, so don’t insist on sharing because you’re afraid of the portion size here – enjoy this deliciousness for yourself! For vegetarians, The Fireplace also offers a Veggie Burger – which is certainly very good yet obviously lacking of the tasty meatiness of the Fireplace Burger.


For anyone looking to eat in a gourmet AND gluten-free manner, we recommend the “Steak & Caesar” from The Fireplace, which is as it explains: a grilled Bavette steak atop a kale-based Caesar salad.


The Fireplace Brookline


The signature dish from The Fireplace, though, is certainly the Maple-Glazed Half Chicken (pictured above on the left). Served with mashed potatoes and sage brown butter, this Half Chicken is guaranteed to keep you lickin’ your fingers until all you can taste is your own skin.


In case you were wondering, The Fireplace also has a wide range of appetizers that will make your mouth salivate just upon the thought of them.


For cheeseheads (not Green Bay Packer fans, either – just normal people who enjoy cheese), The Fireplace offers a wide range of cheeses that serve as appetizers to their meals, ranging from the Hooligan cheese (a cow’s milk cheese from Colchester, CT with notes of grass and walnuts on top of an underlying sweetness) to the Plymouth Cheddar (a cow’s milk cheese aged for 10 months in Plymouth, VT with a hint of grassiness) to the Bayley Hazen Bleu (a crumblier and drier version of most bleus with a hint of nuts and grasses – from Greensboro, VT).


Because so many carnivores believe that you can’t eat cheese without meat, The Fireplace also serves two types of salami – Basquese and Toscana – for you to pair up with your dairies.


Of course, if cut cheese and deli meat isn’t exactly your thing, you could always go with a regular appetizer from The Fireplace – like their Bar Harbor Maine Mussels, Crab Cakes, Steak Bites and/or Fresh Black Mission Figs. Our favorite appetizer from The Fireplace at DiningIn would have to be their Warm Twin Mini Lobster Rolls because they can serve as both an appetizer on a hot date AND a delicious entrée if you’re out to eat alone.


Be sure to top off your hot night with The Fireplace with one of their succulent desserts, too. Choose from Free-Form Wild Maine Blueberry Tarts, S’Mores Taza Chocolate Brownie Sundae, Roasted Summer Fruit Over Moist Almond Cake or their traditional Chocolate Fudge Cake. If you can’t make up your mind (like most normal people), you can order several of the Sweet Little Bites, too, for a variety of flavors.


The Fireplace Brookline


The Fireplace also offers delicious catering platters (like this absolutely gorgeous sandwich platter pictured above) so you can entertain guests with gourmet food in your home or surprise your officemates with the best lunch they’ve ever had in their cubicle.


The DiningIn corporate office can swear by the fact that the catering dishes from The Fireplace are worth drooling over, so let our word be your primary reference the next Friday that you and your team want to order something tasty for lunch.


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The Fireplace Brookline

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The Fireplace Brookline

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The Fireplace Brookline