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Staff Picks: Cookout Food Without The Cooking


There's a point in life that everyone reaches where they want to grill outside, but some may come to the sad realization that they are entirely incapable of doing so. Perhaps it's because it's snowy outside; maybe they live in a city where it's too congested to own a grill; sometimes they are way too busy to actually host a cookout or to cook cookout food. 

This is where DiningIn can help you all out!  

With our first Staff Picks blog post, we want to ensure our patrons in each of our beloved cities that if you want cookout food, you’re entirely capable of getting that desired delectable fare without doing any cooking (or leaving the house for that matter) by providing our valued customers with a variety of options. Cookouts have never been so easy - maybe call it a cook-in

Matt A, Copywriter - You really can't go wrong with a New York Strip Steak or a Signature Burger from Joe's American Bar & Grill in Boston. Whether it's from their Back Bay, Waterfront or Woburn location, you'll be delivered juicy, seared-to-perfection pieces of beef. To make it a truly authentic cookout experience, order sides of Corn on the Cob and Creamy Cole Slaw with your entrée.


Tim J, Boston Dispatcher – When I think cookout, I think BBQ and when I think BBQ I think Blue Ribbon BBQ. Your choices range from full racks of the most-tender Ribs in the city to Pulled Pork, BBQ chicken, Beef Brisket, Smoked Sausage, Kansas City Burnt Ends and Jamaican Jerked Chicken. With so many sides and desserts to choose from it may be overwhelming – and that’s why Blue Ribbon offers catering packages for any size party and palate.


Sofia V, Chicago Corporate Concierge – The hands-down best cookout experience, conveniently delivered, would be the genuine hickory smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs from Carson’s Prime Steaks & Famous Barbecue (pictured below). With their Award Winning Coleslaw and Ultimate Baked Potato to round out the meal, you can dine in the comfort of your own home without spending hours at the grill!


Carson's Ribs DiningIn








Caitlin R, Dallas General Manager – BBQ is a Texas staple, and Sonny Bryan’s is a local favorite. I recommend the Chopped Brisket Sandwich or the Rib Dinner with extra BBQ sauce with sides of Green Bean Casserole and Potato Salad. Don’t forget to get the fresh-baked Peach Cobbler served a la mode - the perfect dessert to end the summer.


Joe G, Philadelphia General Manager - When I am not near a grill but I'm craving some “cookout” food, I always go with the Butcher Burger (pictured below) from Butcher and Singer. Not only is it one of the tastiest burgers in Philly (if not the tastiest), it is by far one of the greatest values in the city as well. The burger and the side of fries that accompanies it will leave you full for quite some time!



Butcher & Singer DiningIn

Steve K, Twin Cities General Manager
– Nothing says Labor Day better than a good ole backyard BBQ, and no one does BBQ in the Twin Cities better than Famous Dave's BBQ. I absolutely love their St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs, rubbed with their secret blend of spices, slowly smoked over a hickory fire, then slathered with sauce over an open flame to seal in that Famous flavor. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


Each bi-weekly period, we plan to offer our patrons more staff picks, so stay tuned for more mouthwatering choices from some of our staff’s favorite restaurants. Next week, we will be exploiting some of the most creative salads in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities.