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Featured Philly Restaurant: POD


POD, POD Restaurant, bar, Philly



If you’re looking to escape the collage of big-city influences that is Philadelphia (most likely after walking five blocks and getting the feeling as if you traveled through a portal from Boston’s South End to New York’s SoHo), your best bet may be to take cover in one of the Philly’s many great restaurants. To be entirely honest, it’s hard to do better in finding a fresh ambiance than by walking into a Starr Restaurant in Philadelphia.


This featured Starr Restaurant may be the most contemporary of all of the wide range of Starr Restaurants that DiningIn works with in the Philadelphia area. POD’s intriguing décor within its urban college setting (it’s wedged between the 3700 block of the infamous Chestnut and Walnut streets) combine to make it one of the most unique dining experiences in all of Philadelphia, bar none. Stop by University City and take a look.


POD makes it feel as if you’ve left the City of Brotherly Love and were magically transported to Tokyo - the unofficial City of Neon Lights. From its wide-open dining room to its oh-so colorful bar to its (for lack of a better word) interesting “pod” seating areas, the seemingly futuristic setting makes for a place where delicious Asian Fusion cuisine can be enjoyed with a giant smile on your face and plenty of room to stretch your legs. To match the setting, all of POD’s drinks and dishes are as flamboyant as the mind can imagine.


POD, POD Restaurant


POD may be known for its sushi – rightfully so, and their sushi will be examined later on in the post – but you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice if you ignored the fact that they offer a wide range of Dim Sum for its patrons to choose from to get their taste buds grooving.


If you have a thing for Spring Rolls, choose between the Chicken & Seafood Spring Rolls or the Crab Spring Rolls – each rightfully prepared with a separate dipping sauce to complement their exquisitely fresh tastes.


Perhaps the healthiest Dim Sum choice from POD may be its Lettuce Wraps. Whether you choose chicken or tofu to fill the wraps, this is a healthy, protein-packed choice served with a side of deliciously fresh peanut sauce to drizzle over it. 


sushi, POD, Starr Restaurant

If you’re feeling extra fresh (or extra vegan randomly on a Monday after watching an Eagles game the night before and stuffing your face with BBQ ribs, burgers, chicken, etc.), get the Vegan Stephen roll – stuffed with tempura zucchini, avocado, kanpyõ squash, eggplant and roasted peppers. I can only imagine that it was named after the restaurateur behind POD, Stephen Starr himself.


You really can’t go wrong with any of the rolls, but at DiningIn our favorite sushi roll from POD is probably the POD Lobster Roll – stuffed with lobster and uni and topped with a teriyaki truffle sauce.


HINT: Order your sushi roll with a side of edamame. You’ll thank us later.


What if you’re only looking for a light lunch after eating, say, 3-4 rolls of sushi the night before? Have no fear; POD’s Teriyaki Kobe Burger is here! POD offers three conceptually traditional Asian Fusion sandwiches for those searching for a break from sushi rolls and dumplings.


They also serve a Beef Brisket Baguette (topped with spicy mayo and pickled jalapenos) along with a Crispy Chicken Sandwich (finished off with Oishii mustard, cabbage and pickles) for anyone looking for Americanized cuisine.


POD, dessertLastly, you must must must save room for dessert for one reason and one reason only: the existence of Fluffernutter Spring Rolls.


Think of the crust of the Chicken & Seafood or Crab Spring Rolls stuffed with an ooey-gooey peanut butter filling and served with an even gooier chocolate dipping sauce.


If you’ve got a peanut allergy, there are plenty of other options – including one of our favorites (pictured below), the Yuzu-Miso Chocolate Cake served with sake foam (yes, SAKE FOAM, pictured on the right) – certainly worthy of drooling over.


And if you’re in a rush and can’t go out for dinner, you can always schedule an order from POD through DiningIn earlier in the day and have it delivered to your home or office at the time you want.


POD is one of the many reasons we enjoy working with Starr Restaurants so much.