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Boston’s Basho Japanese Brasserie blooms amid Fenway community


 BASHO – a Japanese noun for “a place where things happen.” 



To those who only think sport bars, burgers, and pizza when thinking Fenway: think again.


Open since April 2010, Basho Japanese Brasserie in Boston specializes in Japanese robatayaki (a robata grill cooking method over hot charcoal), tempura-style appetizers, sake wine, and maki rolls. 


Basho Boston


Located on 1338 Boylston Street in Boston, this upscale modern Japanese restaurant is just blocks away from Fenway Park, so it’s typical for people to stop in before, during, and after a game for some of the area’s most impeccable cuisine.


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First-time visitors and long time fans find themselves craving Basho Boston's top-grade fish and seafood such as yellowtail, mackerel, albacore tuna from the deep and cold Gulf of Maine, known for it’s leading seafood quality nationwide. 


Basho BostonImage:  Basho Boston 


The contemporary black, lime green, and Asian-bamboo décor, leather booth seats, and eclectic sea urchin chandeliers, diverging from the neighborhood’s sports bar scene, compliment the liveliness of Fenway Park and create a trendiness enticing crowds during hot summers.


“Sometimes it gets really busy,” said Second Chef Hugo, a Hong Kong native who’s been at Basho Boston for 3 years, “It brings a lot of energy, and we like it that way.” 


Modern Japanese cuisine-meets-Brasserie



The name ‘brasserie’ says it all, which means they serve more than your average Japanese maki rolls and sushi menu, as well as a signature beverage list, attracting a wide variety of customers every day to Basho Boston.


Basho BostonImage: Basho Boston


Basho Boston’s menu is loaded with raw delights, grilled entrees and more.  Some of the big sellers and popular items, all available for delivery via DiningIn, include:


  • Shumai Shrimp Dumplings (steamed or deep fried)
  • Crazy Roll with Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo.
  • Sweet Potato Tempura
  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
  • Kobe Beef Steak
  • Miso Yaki Dinner 
Basho BostonImage: Basho Boston

They also offer an extensive cocktail and Japanese sake list (only available at the restaurant) including:


  • Lychee Tini: Viking Fjord Vodka, Lychee Juice, and Pineapple Juice.
  • Snapdragon: Bacardi Dragonheart Rum, Strawberry Puree, Fresh lime Juice and White Cranberry Juice.
  • Kaori Jinmai Ginjo: medium-dry, light sake with aromas of melon and banana
  • Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo: perfectly dry, light, and crisp.

Basho BostonImage: Basho Boston

Basho Team Gives Back

Aside from providing endless options to their customers in the restaurant, you’ll usually find Basho chefs and Jack Huang, CEO of Basho Boston and sister restaurant Douzo Modern Japanese Restaurant and Lounge, at local charity events, fundraisers, and promoting good health.

In 2013, Basho participated in Boston Bites Back, where more than 100 chefs gathered to provide special bites of their best dishes to benefit The One Fund.


Huang has also received the ‘Father of the Year’ award from the American Diabetes Association and Joslin Diabetes Center honoring innovative leaders who invest time in nearby organizations while thriving to become better fathers.


When we asked about the award, Huang smiled and genuinely expressed his gratitude:


“I did that as a humble gesture.  It’s more about helping people and finding a cure, educating, and being advocates for people with diabetes. We want to advocate for being healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle, that’s why we support these organizations.”


These include Boston Children’s Hospital, PaintNite, and the Japanese Disaster Relief Fund.


“We’re part of the community and want to be involved.”


Here at DiningIn, we take pride in the culinary achievements of our restaurant partners lending a helping hand in Boston, and want to thank Jack Huang and the Basho Japanese Brasserie team for their commitment to the Fenway community and the city of Boston.



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Basho Boston 

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