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19 Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall


Pumpkin season is here!

Every fall, we look forward to the pumpkin food craze with hot lattes, homemade pies, pumpkin pastas, and other ways to put pumpkin puree into our everyday diets. Aside from being an extremely versatile vegetable, pumpkins are also known for being loaded with nutrients and having numerous health benefits:

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  • High in Zinc: strengthens the immune system and bones; balances blood sugar.

  • Rich in Vitamin A: supports eye health; acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

  • Tryptophan: also found in turkey, this amino acid can help you sleep better and be effective as an anti-depressant.

  • High in HDL (“good”) cholesterol: improves your mood and reduces blood pressure.

  • Fiber: helps control glucose levels.

  • Low in calories: 30 calories per 116g.

Here are 16 reasons for you to fall in love with the flavor of pumpkin all over again.