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Beginner’s Guide to Sushi [infographic]


According to, there are over 3,846 sushi restaurants in the United States.

Needless to say, the popularity of sushi and the number restaurants serving it has skyrocketed in the recent years, acquiring new customers regularly and turning them into sushi aficionados.  

To understand why this Japanese delicacy has taken the food and dining industry by storm, we'll explain the basics and the best ways to prepare for your first sushi adventure.

What is Sushi?

The word sushi comes from the Japanese word su, which means vinegar, and shi from the word meshi, which means rice. 

The art of sushi combines fresh fish, vegetables, and rice, which can be eaten with your hands or chopsticks, and is typically served with a dab of wasabi, a hot horseradish paste made from its root, along with thinly sliced pickled ginger.  Sashimi, raw slices of fish, and makimono, cylindrical rolls filled with vegetables and fish, are also considered to be part of the sushi family.

How to Order Sushi for the First Time

The infographic (below) goes over a few ways to alleviate the nerves and fully prepare you for your first-time sushi experience: eating small, cooked fish rolls one bite at a time.

For the bold and daring looking to try raw fish right off the bat, its best to start with the sweet and mild fish, such as tuna and snappers, for a more familiar taste.  It’s often common to build up the taste buds with light flavors, textures, and popular selections normally available every sushi restaurant including: 

California Roll (avocado, cucumber, crab); Philadelphia Roll (cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber); Boston Roll (cooked crab, salmon, scallions); Spicy Tuna Roll (tuna, spicy sauce); Unagi (cooked eel, sometimes with avocado).

See sushi restaurants delivering to your area via DiningIn: 

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Dallas: Kobeya Steak & SushiHypnotic SushiReikyu Sushi Bar and Grill  Philadelphia: BuddakanRaw Sushi & Sake LoungePodUzu Sushi,  
Twin Cities: Raku