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Collection of dishes from premier restaurants of the DiningIn restaurant network.

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Staff Picks: Best Bang For Your Buck


Have you ever been in a position where you want to eat premium food but you don’t want to pay premium prices?

Don’t worry – we all have. There are many, many more people in this world than you think that are part of the “Monday Night $10.95 Prime Rib Special” and “Dollar Taco” clubs. Don’t be ashamed – there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about getting a good deal.


DiningIn wants to give you a good deal, too – and that’s why we’ve put together this post that brings together the “Best Bang For Your Buck” deals in each of the cities that we operate in. Sorry, guys, there’re no coupon codes or specials attached – just a few suggestions to get good deals in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities.


Peter L, Jack-Of-All-Trades - With their everlasting tangy habanero sauce, their perfect tortilla wrap holding in the flavor, and their tofu cooked to perfection without an oily taste (complements to the rice, peppers and beans for doing that), the burritos from Boloco consistently make me a happy customer. The small-sized burrito left me with the unique feeling of being satisfied but not stuffed, making it a perfect lunch choice considering that I never want to feel bloated while rounding out my workday. 


Boloco, Best Bang For Your Buck, Burrito, Burritos 

Nancy P, Boston Customer Experience - If you are looking for a good meal for a good price, then Dok Bua Thai Kitchen is definitely for you. Located right in the heart of Brookline in Coolidge Corner, the lunch menu is phenomenal! Their Chicken Pad Thai lunch special gives you the option to choose an appetizer and hot soup for no extra cost!


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Nathan M, Chicago Dispatcher - When I’m looking for a bargain meal that is fast and tasty, I’ll get the Shawarma Beef Plate at El Souk. Everything tastes so authentic, and the price is remarkable for the amount of food you get. It’s a great helping of beef, rice, hummus, and cucumber salad that one dreams about on a budget. Perfect when you want a big lunch and a snack for later, El Souk makes this meal one to remember when you are a little strapped for cash and in a hurry. Make sure you get pita and hot sauce to make some Shawarma pockets!


Joe P, Philadelphia Operations Manager - Mumbai Bistro gets the nod from me as the “Best Bang For Your Buck” restaurant in Philly’s DiningIn network. Every few weeks we order from there in the Philadelphia office due to the value and quality. I usually get the Chicken Tikka Masala along with some Rice and Chicken Samosas all for around $10. The food is just as good as any other Indian restaurant I have tried, and the entrees are less than half the price of most other places - making it a GREAT bang for my buck! 


Gina H, Twin Cities Restaurant Operations Manager - When I hear “Best Bang For Your Buck,” I want something that is going to fill me up without emptying my wallet. My favorite meal that falls under this category comes from Pinstripes. Pinstripes is a bistro that offers in –house bowling and bocce ball, with exceptional food to go along with their entertainment. My favorite dish has got to be the Chicken & Goat Cheese Pasta. Made with fusilli pasta, rosemary cream sauce, fresh cracked pepper, chicken and, of course, a mountain of goat cheese (my favorite!), you can’t go wrong with it. You can also order this dish with gluten free pasta, which makes the dish even more appealing. I always have enough to fill me up for dinner and I’m able to bring some home for lunch the next day. Getting two meals for the price of one? Can’t think of a better bang for my buck!