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A 6-Step Guide To Hosting A Date Night DiningIn Style


Date nights, notwithstanding a multitude of third party influences that could positively, negatively or neutrally effect them, are usually a fun time. Except date nights shouldn’t necessarily be confined to, well, having a night out on the town.

date night, hosting a date night

I’m going to be completely real right now: There’s nowhere in the entire world more comfortable to host a date night than in the realm of your very own abode. You can get whatever drink you want from the refrigerator; you can use your own bathroom; you can relax and sprawl out like a fat cat on your couch; you can take your shoes off; you can sport your "South Park" pajamas; you don’t have to worry about driving; you can have DiningIn bring you dinner…

The more you think about it, the better a date night at home is. Just imagine… Yourself and your significant other, confined to your respective abode, able to close the curtains and do whatever you want without fear of being judged by the general public. Maybe feed each other - I don't know... But, what’s the BEST part about said date night, you ask? The answer's obvious: If you conveniently place your order through DiningIn, you won’t have to do any cooking or cleaning! Squeeze a little room for us in between you and your loved one.

Step 1: Pick A Date

date night, pick a dateThe best night for a date night is the date where you either: A) don’t have a curfew or B) don’t have a bedtime. If it’s necessary that you or your significant other must attend an 8:00 AM Friday meeting, then Thirsty Thursday isn’t the best night for your date night no matter how thirsty you are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time together on Thursday, it just means that you shouldn’t elaborately plan out a series of date night activities on a night that could go late prior to a morning where there’s a potential that your boss could freak out on you if your work isn’t top notch.

Step 2: Choose An Activity

date night activity, date night activities, date night
Depending on how you look at the idea of a date night, this could either be the hard part or the easy part for you and the hubby or wifey. Are you going to watch a movie? If so, is it going to be a drama, a comedy, a dramedy, or a scary movie? Are you just going to bum out and watch “American Idol?” (Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that, but millions of other people who mindlessly stare at the TV each showing probably would….)


Step 3: Set A Theme

Themes, Theme, date nightSet a date night theme that is both appealing to you and your significant other. There are truly a multitude of possibilities… You could watch a movie or a TV show, you could read to each other, you could create collaborative art, you could do yoga together. The most important part about this step – Step Number Three – is that you pick something that both of you will enjoy. i.e. If wifey’s not a football fan, your date night probably isn’t the best time to watch football.


Step 4: Pair Food To Go With Your Theme

Food Pairing, Pairing food, date nightIt doesn’t make sense to split Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Chicken & a Vanilla Milkshake if you decide to do yoga on your date night. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to order sushi while watching Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing." If you’re watching “Do The Right Thing,” you order pizza - period. DiningIn – from Boston to Dallas to Chicago to Philadelphia to Minneapolis – works with a wide variety of restaurants with all types of different ethnic cuisines to ensure that pairing food with your date night activity will be an absolute breeze.

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Step 5: Pair Wine To Go With Your Food

Reference the chart below if you have trouble pairing wine with food, as I do:

Wine Pairings, food and wine pairings, wine, food, pairingsThe Basics To Wine & Food Pairing chart from

Step 6: Execute.

Execute, date night
Your preparation must be flawless… There can’t be any holes at all in your presentation… You must have Plan B’s, Plan C’s, and Plan D’s ready for backup if you want to host the perfect date night. But - in all seriousness and sincerity - we believe in you. You can do this, and you can always fall back on us at DiningIn to deliver you the delicious food you love, but that's the only component of the erotic ambiance that we can really help you create. The rest is up to you, sailor.