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DiningIn Staff Picks - Favorite Fall Meal


Fall may or may not have started on September 22nd and may or may not end in about a month on December 22nd. Yet, at times, it didn’t feel much like Autumn this year in the wonderful cities that we operate in (I can tell you firsthand that it felt more like a teasing, brutal combination of Winter and Spring than it did Autumn in Boston), but that doesn’t mean that restaurants weren’t busy tirelessly promoting and promoting and promoting and promoting their new fall menus and now-in-season fall foods.

There are seasonal menus everywhere at this time of year, but if you’re wondering where can you find the best fall meal, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. As usual, we went to our go-to wingmen and asked our teams in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia to help us out in finding the best fall meals out there.

Roxxi C, Boston Copywriter – My favorite fall meal would have to be Butternut Squash Pizza from Newbury Street’s Cafeteria in Boston— I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this one: I can single-handedly guarantee that nothing says ‘Happy Fall!" like a slice (or two) topped with butternut squash, cranberries, goat cheese, fresh sage, creamy mascarpone cheese, crème fraiche, and arugula. It’s basically a delicious appetizer, main dish and dessert all in one. How could you ever go wrong?


Wildfire Restaurant, Fall food


Dontae O, Chicago Customer ExperienceWildfire’s Chicken Tetrazzini is off the chain! The chicken is marinated with fresh herbs, which is highly recommended for the holidays. The carrots, peas, celery and the Tetrazzini sauce topped with provolone cheese and Japanese bread crumbs all make this happen. Eating this dish with friends, family, and loved ones while reminiscing about those good childhood memories will keep you coming back for more!


Jason H, Dallas Dispatcher - My favorite fall meal is the Rib Dinner from Sonny Bryan's. It is hearty and filling, and always hits the spot when the Texas weather finally turns cold.


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Matt A, Minneapolis Copywriter – Perhaps I’m a bit biased considering how much I love Italian food with all my heart, but there is no better time of year to indulge in a nice, delicious, warm plate of Chicken Marsala then smack dab in the middle of Autumn – and it’s even better when that Chicken Marsala is coming from Tucci Benucch in the Twin Cities. What makes this plate an even better fall meal is the fact that Tucci Benucch serves it with Mashed Potatoes instead of over pasta. It’s a tastefully great way to warm up during the cold Minneapolis fall or any time of year, really. 


Danielle W, Philadelphia Corporate Concierge - What is more memorable for a favorite fall meal than a Thanksgiving dinner with the friends and family you love? Not only do you have those surrounding you, but you have the smells and tastes of fall around you too. A golden brown Turkey filled with breadcrumbs and celery is never enough for this day. The special plates only used for the holiday need to be filled with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, and carrots to make me happy. There are usually 2 or 3 trips back to the table to reload my plate. The best part about Thanksgiving dinner? Bridget Foy's will bring it to you if you're craving Thanksgiving early. Still, after eating so much, I'd make room for Bridget Foy's Pumpkin Cheesecake. At the end of the day Thanksgiving dinner is a favorite to be remembered forever.