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A Quick Look at STARR's Most Popular Restaurants in Philadelphia


Known for his multi-concept restaurant group, STARR Restaurant Organization, restaurateur Stephen Starr has been revolutionizing the Philadelphia dining scene since 1995.

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Partnering with notable chefs, such as Masaharu Morimoto, Starr has been nationally praised and admired for his astounding creativity, which is translated into numerous cuisines including Modern Mexican, American Comfort Food, Modern Asian, and Contemporary Pan Asian.  Here's a quick look at some of Stephen Starr's most popular restaurants in Philadelphia, all available for delivery via DiningIn.


American Comfort Food

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STARR Restaurants

"You could potentially make a living off of eating Jones' appetizers. You won't even believe all the different things that this place offers.  Jones Restaurant's dinner entrees are even more mouthwatering - and they are the primary reason why Jones is considered to be a comfort food restaurant.

Featured by Zagat:

"Those “jonesing” for “comfort-food classics” such as “killer mac ’n’ cheese” head to Stephen Starr’s New American off Washington Square, the “favorite brunch spot” of many; “reasonable” tabs and “accommodating” service suit “families with kids”, and if the “comfy”, “retro” setting can get “a little too noisy”, fans say it makes it seem “just like home” – but “without all the drama"."

STARR Restaurants

Image: Jones Restaurant in Philadelphia | American Comfort Food

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Just to name a few, you have your choice between meatloaf, chicken pot pie, Thanksgiving dinner (literally), roasted salmon, spicy jambalaya, coffee-rubbed pork tenderloin and even fried chicken and waffles - yes, chicken and waffles."


El Vez

Authentic Mexican

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STARR Restaurants

It's location, along with it's vibrant atmosphere and delicious menu selection, tends to be the go-to spot to meet co-workers for a quick bite, host an all-out birthday bash, and ideal for a Friday night movie on the couch.

STARR Restaurants

The menu serves some fantastic, classic Mexican dishes to fill you right up like the grilled Carne Asada platter, Tijuana's Original Ce'Sar Salad, Crispy Mahi-Mahi Tacos, or the El Vez Enchiladas Mixtas with traditional garnishes.

Feeling extra generous today? Take your pick and share it with the table with favorites including “The Original” Guacamole, Macho Nachos, Tacos al Carbon for 2, and the Red Snapper Ceviche.



Contemporary Pan Asian

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STARR Restaurants

"POD makes it feel as if you’ve left the City of Brotherly Love and were magically transported to Tokyo - the unofficial City of Neon Lights. From its wide-open dining room to its oh-so colorful bar to its (for lack of a better word) interesting “pod” seating areas, the seemingly futuristic setting makes for a place where delicious Asian Fusion cuisine can be enjoyed with a giant smile on your face and plenty of room to stretch your legs.


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[It] may be known for its sushi – rightfully so, and their sushi will be examined later on in the post – but you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice if you ignored the fact that they offer a wide range of Dim Sum for its patrons to choose from to get their taste buds grooving."



Modern Asian

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STARR Restaurants

"The New York City-meets-ancient China aura lures in local Philly patrons, and out-of-town tourists to an enormous dining area, white booths, faces of Starr’s friends and decorating the chairs, high ceilings, and the focal golden Buddha at the end of the illuminated onyx communal table.

STARR Restaurants

Image: Buddakan in Philadelphia | Contemporary Pan Asian Cuisine

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Whether you’re a frequent visitor, or are looking to stay home and order food online, you’ll be glad to know that this Old City restaurant is constantly revamping its sharing-style menu, selected by Mr. Starr himself, to keep it amazingly creative, exotic and freshly seasonal." 

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STARR Restaurants