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How To Host The Perfect Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl Party, Super BowlIf you’ve ever hosted a Super Bowl party in years past, you know that the two weeks (that feel like two days) that come before the Super Bowl are about as stressful for the party host(s) as they are for the teams competing in the Super Bowl. This period of time is frenetic, as you’ll ask yourself, “Whom should I invite?” or “What should we eat?” or “What am I going to do if John Doe gets shwasted and ends up passing out on my couch?”

Don’t worry: there’s a methodical process to hosting a party (find out here how to host the perfect dinner party), but there’s also specifically a methodical process for hosting a Super Bowl party, too. Let me lay out the ground rules for all of you football fans looking to host the PERFECT Super Bowl party:

1. Figure Out Who You’re Inviting/How Many People Are Coming 

As a guest, there’s nothing I hate more than attending a party where there’s too many people for the given space that the party is to be held in. Maybe it’s because I’m claustrophobic; maybe it’s because I’m a food hog; or maybe it’s because I cherish the more intimate interactions with a few people than the not-so-intimate interactions with a whole lot of people.

Figure out the perfect number of people that your space can host and then invite 90% of that number. If you can fit 20 people in your house comfortably, invite 18. Why 90%, you ask? To make up for the better (or worse) halves of your friends that tag along with them. It’s going to happen either way, and you don’t want to be the Debbie Downer who tells your friend and his or her girlfriend or boyfriend that they have to leave because you – almighty host – don’t have enough chairs to sit on or square feet in your apartment or home to actually fit them comfortably.

Make it easier on yourself, too: Ask your guests to make some food or bring some beers or utensils. Why should you be the one that buys all of the tortilla chips they eat and all of the beer they drink? Exactly, you shouldn’t.

Super Bowl Party, Super Bowl

2. Find Simple But Tasteful Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Football is a time for meaty foods, which include burgers, hot dogs, sausages, hot steak sandwiches, chili, wings, potato skins, nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, etc. – but there are still two things that you want to think about besides satisfying your taste buds when creating a Super Bowl menu: the health of the carnivores and the well-being of the herbivores that attend your party.

It’s always good to mix veggies into the menu whenever you can so that your friends remain energetic and don’t end up delving into a gross food coma on your couch and then end up spending up to a half an hour in your bathroom. No bueno. Here are some 10 delicious vegetarian Super Bowl recipes from

3. Assign Yourself A Day To Do All Of Your Shopping

The first place you’re going to want to go is a wholesale liquor store. Pick up everything you need – beer for the boys, wine for the girls, shots for everyone (except the kiddies) at halftime. Be sure to stop at the wholesale liquor store first, and then make your way to your preferred grocery store to get everything else that you need there. Preferably, considering that this is the Super Bowl we’re talking about and there’s a good chance you’re going to need a variety of different ingredients for the variety of different dishes that you’ll be making, choose the grocery store that’s reasonably closest to you that is the largest in terms of square feet. It’s never fun to stop at 2-3 different grocery stores to find one specific item, so don’t be afraid to call the grocery store ahead of time to check their inventory if you have any obscure requests.

4. Do All (Or Most) Of The Cooking The Day(s) Before The Super Bowl

This is the biggest mistake that football fans that are excited for the Super Bowl make. They think, “Aw, hell, the game doesn’t start until the early evening – we’ll have PLENTY of time to shop in the morning and cook in the afternoon!” Wrong. What can go wrong on the day of the Super Bowl will go wrong on the day of the Super Bowl, so be sure to plan ahead and save as little cooking as possible for the day of the game. Besides, chili tastes 100x better the second day.

5. Assign Yourself A Day To Clean Your Party Space

Super Bowl hangovers are rough, which is true especially when your home team loses. The day after the Super Bowl can be a lost day – you’ll go to work late and hungover after forgetting to eat breakfast and taking a halfhearted shower where you didn’t fully dry your hair; you’ll stumble, mumble and grumble through the workday; then, you’ll get home and realize that your house or apartment is absolutely trashed – an empty bowl of nacho dip in the sink, a paper plate under the couch, some weird microorganism in the sink, etc. The easiest way to avoid this misstep is to schedule a time inside your big brain to know exactly when you’re going to clean everything up.

Super Bowl Party, Super Bowl