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“Worst Cooks In America” Is Coming Back For Its 5th Season


WorstCooksInAmericaDo you honestly think that you’re a bad cook? Bad enough to the point where you order restaurant delivery (perhaps from DiningIn) and/or pick up takeout orders more than seven times a week? Bad enough to the point where you routinely refer to yourself as a dysfunctional chef in the kitchen? Don’t get so down on yourself – you’re (most likely) not nearly bad enough to get drafted into Food Network’s show, “Worst Cooks In America.”


Hosted by celebrity and world-renown chefs Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay, “Worst Cooks In America” is a reality competition show that places men and women with absolutely no skills whatsoever in the kitchen into an eight-week bootcamp where they compete in various competitions of cooking techniques ranging from baking to food preparation to win $25,000.

Burrell and Flay each create teams made out of seven recruits, and their respective teams that are comprised of the worst cooks in America (who are nominated by their family and friends) each lose one person per episode until the last remaining two best of the worst cooks in America square off for the final showdown to win the $25,000.

The fifth season is set to contain a farm-to-fork and local ingredient emphasis that culminates, supposedly, at a dairy farm. The first episode of the fifth season of “Worst Cooks In America” premieres on Monday, February 17th on Food Network at 9pm/8c. See the trailer for the fifth season below: