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May Is National Burger Month: 25 Tasty Burgers Delivered By DiningIn


The month of May has been issued the designation of "National Burger Month" - which I wasn’t aware of until just this year, but this issuance certainly gives all of us burger lovers a reason to indulge in gourmet ground beef patties with a variety of oftentimes inventive and oftentimes classical toppings. Zagat recently published a list of the ten best burgers you can get delivered in Philadelphia (all of which you can get delivered by us!), so I figured – in the spirit of Zagat – that I’d tell you guys about the best burgers that we deliver in each of our cities - Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis & Philly.


Met Burger BarMet Back Bay, Boston

I don’t think the description of “Burger Bar” does Met Back Bay’s Burger Bar justice. There are no recommendations from their staff – the choice is all up to you. You pick the type of meat or filling you want (the four choices are Met Prime Blend, Salmon, Turkey and Falafel), and then you pick the “Set Up” – and these choices will take you around the world. If you choose “LA,” your burger will be topped off with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and roasted garlic mayo. If you choose “Paris,” your burger will be topped off with Brie cheese, a fried egg, caramelized onions and truffle mayo. If you choose “Boston” (which we recommend), you’ll get cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg on your burger.

The Fireplace BurgerThe Fireplace, Brookline

Chef Jim Solomon’s The Fireplace Burger was one of the finalists for’s 2013 Battle of the Burger, and for good reason: his restaurant’s signature burger is stuffed with Shelburne farms Landaff Cheddar and topped off with thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and a garlic dill pickle – but the real catch is that it comes on a homemade English muffin. The texture of the burger might not sound entirely appealing to you at first, but trust us – it’s worth savoring.

Davio's Burger

Davio’s Burger
Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, Boston (and Philadelphia)

Beware: you cannot get Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse’s luscious Davio’s Burger (pictured above) delivered for dinner, you can only get it delivered for lunch. Topped with cheddar cheese, onion rings, pickles, and steak sauce, the Davio’s Burger can be an irresistible addiction for burger lovers in both Boston and Philadelphia.

All-Natural, Grass-Fed, Locally-Sourced Burger
Four Burgers, Boston/Cambridge

The menu at Four Burgers is quite short – until you get into the sub-menu. (Does it sound like we’re talking about “Inception” here?) Being a meat-eater, I recommend starting with their all-natural, grass-fed, locally-sourced burger and then adding the toppings as you wish from there – and the toppings you can get from Four Burgers are about as close to infinite as humanly possible. What’s my go-to? I’d have to say a double beef burger cooked medium on a white bun and topped off with Vermont cheddar cheese, New Hampshire-smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, a fried egg and house-cured jalapenos. Like BK, though, have it your way.

Joe’s Signature Burger
Joe’s American Bar & Grill, Boston

Unlike your burger from Four Burgers, we recommend trying Joe’s Signature Burger from Joe’s American Bar & Grill as it is – topped with barbecue sauce, crisp pork bell, white cheddar, maple Cajun bacon jam, and house-cured pickles. Just trust me – you’ll love it. And if you don’t, you’re wrong.


M Burger
M Burger, Chicago

The M Burger from Lettuce Entertain You’s M Burger is great, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re missing out on M Burger’s secret menu. One of the oh-so-secret featured items on their menu is the Barnyard Burger – which practically has a representative from every animal in the barn on it, including cows (the burger), chickens (a thin-sliced chicken breast), pigs (bacon) and turkeys. Meatlovers, unite!

Bison Burger
- Butcher & The Burger, Chicago

Bison might not float everyone’s boat, but the grass-fed Bison Burger is still the best burger on the menu – in terms of quality and in terms of taste – at Chicago’s Butcher & The Burger. You can get whatever toppings you want on it, but we strongly recommend that you get it rubbed with Cajun spice.

Rockit Burger, Rockit Bar & Grill, Chicago

Rockit Burger
Rockit Bar & Grill, Chicago

What would this delicious list of burgers be without mentioning the signature burger from perhaps our most burger-crazy partner - Rockit Bar & Grill? (It would be nothing.) Made from Kobe beef and topped off with fried shallots, melted brie and aioli on a red onion brioche bun, you're also served truffle fries on the side. If you're not drooling yet, then you're probably not capable of drooling.

Smokehouse Stacker Burger
Burger Bar Chicago, Chicago

The Smokehouse Stacker Burger from Burger Bar Chicago is a real stacker. It’s topped off with house-smoked (for 18 hours) brisket along with white cheddar cheese, fried pickles and country coleslaw. We know that everyone in Chi-town loves this burger, but I bet that our Dallas customers would, too.

Jalapeño Burger
- Vinyl, Chicago

When you think of the name "Vinyl," you might immediately think of a classic burger - like one your father or mother or grandmother or grandfather ate. Chicago's Vinyl creates their own classics, though, like the Jalapeño Burger - properly garnished with jalapeños, arugula, bacon, jalapeño aioli, and both Pepper Jack and white cheddar cheese. Who said spicy and delicious can't go together?


The Blue Burger
Village Burger Bar, Dallas

You could probably tell by the “Blue” in the title that Village Burger Bar’s The Blue Burger would feature Bleu Cheese, but it’s also finished off with delicious bacon and avocado, making for what amounts to a colorful and delicious fusion of flavors.

Memphis BBQ Burger
Ketchup Burger Bar, Dallas

This burger will blow your mind. Even though it's 450 miles from Memphis to Dallas, if one thing's for sure both of these cities love BBQ as much as the other does - and this is exemplified in Ketchup Burger Bar's Memphis BBQ Burger. 

One-Eyed Jack Burger
Hoffbrau Steaks, Dallas

Chances are, if a restaurant is known for its steaks, and said restaurant is located in Dallas, Texas, then it's highly probable that said steakhouse probably serves a mean burger as well. This is the case with Hoffbrau Steaks, and we suggest you indulge in their One-Eyed Jack Burger. It's "One-Eyed" because it's topped off with a fried egg, and it's completed with scrumptious bacon, so you know it's good.

“Toddzilla,” If You Dare
JC’s Burger House, Addison

There’s a big bad (albeit very subpar) blockbuster movie out in theaters now called “Godzilla” – but Godzilla’s got nothing on Todzilla. The Toddzilla follows the oftentimes-clichéd “Everything’s-Biggest-In-Texas” motto but takes it to a never-before-seen level. It has twenty-four ounces (one and a half pounds) of beef and triple the cheese of the normal burger and is named after golf’s 2004 U.S. Open champion Todd Hamilton. Recommended for supreme appetites only.

The Smoked Cowboy Burger
The Hub Sports Bar And Grill, Addison

This is the signature burger at The Hub Sports Bar And Grill, partially because it’s got “Texas” written all over it but also because it’s just a plain old classic burger. It’s smothered with tangy BBQ sauce, melted cheddar, smoky bacon, and a “nice pile” of pulled pork. If you smiled upon reading the word "pile," you should try this. 


Cow Meets Pig Burger
 - Mason's Restaurant Barre, Minneapolis

Like M Burger's Barnyard Burger, Mason's Restaurant Barre's Cow Meets Pig Burger combines the meat from multiple oftentimes-cute, more-oftentimes-delicious-tasting animals to make a specialty burger (that's topped with both American and cheddar cheese) bound to lead you to a burger addiction. 

Bourbonzola Burger, Rock Bottom

Bourbonzola Burger
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, Minneapolis

The Bourbonzola Burger (pictured above) is something of a legend for anyone who’s been to one of Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery’s many locations. Topped with Bourbon glaze, gorgonzola cheese, and crispy onion straws, you’ll be lucky if you can savor the flavor of this tasty burger for more than five minutes, as customers sometimes wolf it down within a span of 90 seconds. What might make you less guilty about eating one of these delicious things is the fact that Rock Bottom will serve it alongside a cup of fresh fruit instead of French fries if you wish.

Thick Prime Angus Burger
Wildfire, Eden Prairie

If there are any restaurants on this list that know how to make burgers, those restaurants are steakhouses simply because of their beef expertise – and that’s why Lettuce Entertain You’s Wildfire Restaurant’s Thick Prime Angus Burger is on our list. With its tasty smokiness and consistent texture, this is a damn good burger that you can get served your way. Be sure to stick to the Sesame bun over the Multigrain bun, though.

Butcher’s Burger
Bloomington Chophouse, Bloomington

When you hear “Butcher’s Burger,” you might think, “Cool, the restaurant’s butcher made the burger,” but Bloomington Chophouse’s signature patty is much, much more than that. Topped with shaved prime rib, bacon, sautéed onions, tomato, lettuce, and cheddar and bleu cheeses while being served on a pretzel role, the Butcher’s Burger from Bloomington Chophouse is a match made in heaven for anyone who loves beef.

Swiss & Mushroom Burger
Timberlodge Steakhouse, Bloomington

Made with 100% Black Angus beef, this classic burger from Timberlodge Steakhouse is as it sounds: topped off with sautéed mushrooms and good ol’ Swiss cheese.


The Ultimate Spencer Burger
- Spencer ETA Burger, Philadelphia

Brioche bun, turkey bacon, poached apples, roasted red pepper, mixed greens, and cheddar cheese with caramelized red onions – those are the toppings to the Ultimate Spencer Burger from Spencer ETA Burger in Philly. There’s more flavor in those 18 words alone than there is in two out of three meals that you eat a day!

Truffle Butter Burger
Sketch Burger, Philadelphia

Do I even need to describe this to you? Does the name alone not sound like pure, unadulterated, culinary joy? Let me cease the ambiguities by telling you that Sketch Burger’s Truffle Butter Burger is served with grilled mushrooms and white truffle. You pick the other sauce and toppings – but be sure not to get too many so that you can fully enjoy the truffle!

Village Whiskey, Whiskey King, Philly

Whiskey King
Village Whiskey, Philadelphia

“King” is a fitting description of this particularly delicious Philadelphia burger at Chef Jose Garces’ Village Whiskey - pictured above in all its glory. They serve, primarily, Chef Garces’ favorite spirit (whiskey) and “the best damn burger in town.” We’re not going to say that it’s not the best burger in Philadelphia, because at the end of the day it’s up there – and it’s surname has rightfully classified it as such: King. It has apple wood-smoked bacon and rogue bleu cheese like a few other offerings on this list, but it’s the only burger here that’s topped with Cipollini (maple bourbon-glazed cipollini, for that matter) and Foie Gras – a French culinary delicacy that, well, you have to try to believe it is as good as everyone describes it.

Philly Cheesesteak Burger
Prime Burger Company, Philadelphia

What would the city of Philadelphia be without a burger named after their famous cheesesteak? Prime Burger Company serves a half-pound gourmet burger fittingly topped off with a hefty helping of steak, cheese, peppers and onions for anyone trying to satisfy their respective cheesesteak and burger cravings at the same time without eating both a cheesesteak and a burger.

Kobe Burger
Varga Bar, Philadelphia

We saved Varga Bar’s Kobe Burger for last simply because it’s a burger mad exclusively for burger lovers – not hipsters, not veggie heads, not breakfast lovers, not those that like to pick their own toppings. This is a classic bacon cheeseburger with several twists – Kobe beef instead of regular beef, apple wood-smoked bacon much thicker than your typical apple wood-smoked bacon, caramelized shallots instead of onions, Lancaster country aged cheddar instead of American… Yes, the Kobe Burger from Varga Bar is a burger lover’s burger.