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DiningIn Delivers Corporate Ice Cream Parties


Even those of you that spend all winter on the beach in Florida and spend all summer at your beach house on Cape Cod need to chill out every once in awhile, no matter how afraid you are of winter weather. A lot of times, though, you have to do it on your own time and your own dollar – maybe taking their children or your husbands or wives to a local, seasonal ice cream spot a few hours after dinner on a hot summer evening.

Wouldn’t it be awesome – in terms of earning karma and brownie points with your coworkers – if all of you bosses, administrators, and human resources professionals out there randomly planned a corporate ice cream party/social once in awhile to lighten up the mood in the office, make Fridays seem a little bit shorter than they actually are (and the weekend closer than it actually is), and satisfy the cravings induced by the sweet teeth of some of the company’s hardest working professionals? And wouldn’t it be even better if that ice cream were delivered to the office – saving everyone’s time and simplifying everyone’s life?

We think so, and you probably think so, too. That is one of the primary reasons why DiningIn started offering ice cream delivery in Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia. After all: you don’t have to be in downtown Burlington, Vermont to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s, or within Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood to enjoy J.P. Licks, or in the most hipster neighborhood in your respective city to enjoy frozen yogurt or custard delivery. You do the choosing - we'll do the delivering, bringing you ice cold ice cream along with plates, utensils and more if you wish at the time and day you want. Check out below where you can find the best ice cream delivery in each of our cities:

Ben & Jerry's delivery

Ben & Jerry’s – Boston, Philadelphia

Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with high calorie counts. If you’re counting the calories, you can always go with the Banana Peanut Butter Greek Frozen Yogurt or the No Fat Berry Berry Sorbet or the Liz Lemon Greek Yogurt. Otherwise, yeah, go with the hippie-band-inspired ice creams like Cherry Garcia and Phish Food. They’re entirely worth every bite.

Homemade Bobtail Ice Cream – Chicago

When the word “homemade” comes in front of the words “ice cream,” you know it’s good. Homemade Bobtail Ice Cream has been a serious outpost in Chicago and has been operating since 1950, serving locally and seasonally inspired flavors.

J.P. Licks – Boston

More than any other ice cream company, J.P. Licks is certainly a staple throughout greater Boston, with locations in Jamaica Plain, Davis Square, Harvard Square, Coolidge Corner, Assembly Row, Mission Hill, West Roxbury, Beacon Hill, Newton Centre and Back Bay. Chances are, if you’re in greater Boston, DiningIn can deliver J.P. Licks to you - especially if you're within the city or in Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline or Newton. The best part about J.P. Licks delivery might be the fact that you can get their hand-packed ice cream cakes brought to you - which are perfect for ice cream parties. 

Pinkberry delivery

Pinkberry – Boston, Chicago

Pinkberry bills their frozen yogurt as “Taste Worth Obsessing Over,” and our Pinkberry-obsessed customers can attest to this. The best part about our partnership with Pinkberry is that their delicious FroYo delivery isn’t confined to one city: you can get their frozen yogurt delivered in Boston OR Chicago!

Red Mango – Chicago

Red Mango specializes in frozen yogurt, smoothies, and parfaits, delivering them throughout and around Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Be sure to check back every day for their daily specials, as they change quite often. 

Scoop DeVille – Philadelphia

Scoop DeVille calls its ice cream “the most delicious, unique ice cream that you will have the pleasure of finding.” If their words mean anything to you, which they do to us, you should indulge in some of their ice cream.

Wild About Harry’s – Dallas

I know that frozen custard isn’t exactly ice cream’s long-lost brother (more like second cousin, in a similar manner to frozen yogurt), but Wild About Harry’s undoubtedly deserves to be on this list all the same simply because of their amazing custard. And if someone at your home or office doesn’t want to cool off in the Dallas heat with some ice cream, you can treat him or her to a hot dog, an Italian beef sandwich, a sundae or a delicious shake.