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Collection of dishes from premier restaurants of the DiningIn restaurant network.

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Online food ordering and restaurant browsing is now easier than ever with DiningIn's refreshed, new website. new website

Image: Homepage


We're excited to showcase our new website for online ordering and food delivery from your favorite restaurants.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer service, what you'll see is not a only a refreshed look, but also a number of new features made to simplify your meal ordering process and enhance your overall web ordering experience at your home or office in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and the Twin Cities.

While we've made every effort during the testing stage to ensure the website operates smoothly on your desktop, tablet and mobile phones, our team will view ALL feedback as we make continuous improvements to your ordering experience.

Leave us a comment below, or tweet us at @DiningIn for any feedback.


See the New Website Here


Modern Look

We’ve revamped our online ordering and food delivery website with our customers in mind. Keeping a simple and colorful look, our new design improvements for more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Using efficient and reliable technology, we've dedicated our efforts to satisfy your needs when ordering food online, a la carte or catering delivery, from the restaurants you want, when you want them.

Our new technology will now saved your last entered address, taking you directly to available restaurants in your area, allowing you to choose your restaurant and browse through menus even faster than before. new website

Image: Restaurants Delivering to Your Address Page


Improved Fast Re-Order & Order History Feature

You'll be able to see your past order history, including delivery date, restaurant ordereed, order #, and total amount ordered.  You can also track your order progress in present time from the moment it is placed, up until the second it arrives to your door or office. new website

Image: Your Order History Page and Re-Order Options

New 15-Minute Delivery Window

Whether you’re catering to a corporate event or a birthday party, every minute counts.

Explore the restaurants in your area with our newly added 15-minute delivery time frame to ensure that your A La Carte or Catering order arrives right on time for your hungry guests. new website

Image: Restaurants and 15-Minute Delivery Window

Optimized for Desktops, All Tablets, and Mobile Phones

With a good amount of orders coming through handheld devices, we’ve optimized our online ordering and restaurant delivery website to operate smoothly on your desktop, tablet, smartphone, and any other device you may use to order your next dish or organize your next party. new website

Image: Mobile Phones and iPad Website

Restaurant Search Box

Can't find the one restaurant you're looking for? Type the restaurant name into the search box in the top left of your screen for easy browsing of the restaurants you crave. new website

Image: Restaurant Search Box

Premier Restaurants

Impress your guests and loved ones with DiningIn’s most acclaimed restaurant selections, now clearly labeled on each restaurant menu page. new website

Image: Premier Restaurant Label on Restaurant Menu Page

Most Loved Items

Each restaurant menu now includes the 10 most popular items, designed for those days when you can't decide, and just need a recommendation or two from any given restaurant delivering to your neighborhood. new website

Image: Most Loved Items on Restaurant Menu Page

While we've made every effort during the testing stage to ensure the website operates smoothly on your desktop, tablet and mobile phones, our team will view ALL feedback as we make continuous improvements to your ordering experience.

Leave us a comment below, or tweet us at @DiningIn for any feedback.

-The DiningIn Team


About Us

Since 1988, DiningIn has continually given time back to busy customers with our revolutionary online food ordering, restaurant delivery and corporate catering services. After more than twenty years of delivering the mouthwatering foods our customers crave from the restaurants they love and trust, DiningIn has evolved from a local, Boston-based operation into a nationally recognized brand operating in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities, with many more cities to come as the company continues to scale. 

Working with almost any type of restaurant you can think of – from local neighborhood favorites to national brands such as P.F. Chang's China Bistro, California Pizza Kitchen and Maggiano’s Little Italy to restaurants with hard-to-get reservations that are run by award-winning chefs – DiningIn simplifies the art of food delivery by giving you uncompromising quality. The process is easy: just pick a restaurant, browse their menu online, place your order, sit back and wait for your favorite cuisine to be brought to you. Whether it’s a family dinner you’re looking to get delivered, a corporate lunch event you’re looking to get catered, or a late-night snack you’re hoping to get brought to you to satisfy a late-night craving, DiningIn is the solution to all your delivery needs.

With vegetarian options, gluten free options, kosher options and any other type of ethnic cuisine you can think of, we can cater to even the pickiest of eaters and the most devoted of foodies. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, the food from our premier restaurant partners will make you salivate. We offer sophisticated corporate catering solutions – no order is too big or too small for us. We want to earn your trust, so take advantage of our customer service experts if you have questions, use our exclusive coupons to get meaningful discounts from one of your favorite restaurants, and give our easy online food ordering process a chance. We also offer both an easy-to-use and responsive mobile website and mobile application for reordering on your smartphones or tablets. Let us feed you service excellence and simplify your life.