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Staff Picks: I Scream, You Scream, DiningIn Delivers Ice Cream


Indulging in a fat bowl of ice cream during the hot summertime is one of the best (albeit unhealthiest) and most enjoyable things you can do – bar none. Just like downing a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and the wintertime, the temperature contrast that comes while eating ice cream in the summer is refreshing while the former is relaxing. Simply put, when the heat comes, there really isn’t any better way to cool down – whether you’re a diehard fan of plain old vanilla and/or chocolate ice cream, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, root beer floats, or whatever other type of ice cream concoction floats your boat.

Being food delivery experts, our DiningIn employees undoubtedly know the best places to get ice cream, frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt, frozen custard and more delivered from throughout the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia areas. Some of the restaurants are chains, some are homemade mom-and-pop ice cream shops, and others are more health-conscious than some, but they’re all pretty much equally delicious in their own very special way.

JP Licks, Boston ice cream delivery, restaurant delivery

Bill H, Boston Corporate Partnerships
– My name is Bill, and I’m addicted to ice cream. There, I said it. But what’s a person to do while the beach weather’s here, and there are still these insatiable urges to indulge in refreshingly creamy deliciousness? Solution: Peanut Butter Chip Hard Frozen Yogurt from J.P. Licks! There’s nothing better than enjoying all the rich flavor of a decadent frozen treat, while experiencing only a fraction of the fat and guilt!

Sofia V, Chicago Account Manager - It’s nice to know that my favorite frozen yogurt is just a phone call away in Chicago! Pinkberry has a great selection of frozen yogurt and now Greek yogurt with a wide variety of toppings to suit any mood! From the comfort of Chocolate Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt - decadent, paired with chocolate sauce or Nutella, crushed hazelnut wafer rolls and roasted hazelnut pieces; to the fresh tropical feeling of sweet Mango Frozen Yogurt topped with fresh fruit and coconut... You’re in for a refreshing treat no matter what you get delivered from Pinkberry!

Christian R, Operations Manager It’s certainly not traditional “ice cream,” but I personally love getting the Banana Pudding Shake from Wild About Harry’s delivered to me. Wild About Harrys’ famous vanilla custard, vanilla wafers and fresh bananas combine to make all of the awesomeness of regular banana pudding, but in the convenience of a cup. I highly recommend it – in summer or winter.

Nick L, Minneapolis Restaurant Consultant With winters so cold in Minnesota, we look forward to the summer – especially getting desserts delivered from Arezzo Ristorante. Arezzo’s Affogato, which is Vanilla ice cream with espresso, will make anyone feel like they are on the slopes of the Piemonte Mountains of Italy – guaranteed.

Ben & Jerry's Philly, Philadelphia ice cream delivery

Danielle W, Philadelphia Corporate Concierge
Having an ice cream party whenever I want, whether by myself or with a group of friends, and getting it delivered through DiningIn is nearly the most exciting part of these hot summer days. Sometimes, I’ll be outside doing yard work and will then call in my order in for Mango Sorbet from Ben & Jerry’s – always a pint. Or, when I’m just sitting outside enjoying the sunshine reading a book, I’ll call in for my favorite comfort flavor at Ben & Jerry’s: Triple Caramel Chunk – always a pint as well. There’s really never a bad time to eat ice cream, even when it’s cold up here in Philadelphia in the northeast, but it certainly gives me more pleasure to eat it when it’s sunny and hot outside so I have a refreshing cool feeling with every bite.